Notes on Moleskine

Whenever the practice of law nudges me to the border of insanity; whenever the thought of I-want-to-be-a-published-author-at-any-cost gets the better of me; whenever the chaos of life seems unnerving; I hide in my favourite bookstore. 

Must not reveal this place otherwise nosy friends would know, worse, if the husband comes looking for me.

The smell of books comforts me. Call me weird, snobbish or whatever you like – I don’t really care. 

This evening, I found this gem on The New Writer’s Handbook at page 251. Giles Turnbull wrote A Writer by Any Other Name in February 2008, and it was published in The Morning News

What an effortless (notwithstanding the actual effort the author had poured on the article) and witty write-up. Turnbull lives by the first tao in writing: show, don’t tell. 

Back to hiding now. 


9 thoughts on “Notes on Moleskine

  1. Perhaps another tao in writing, to paraphrase Samuel Johnson, is:

    A man ought to write just as inclination leads him; For what he writes as a task will do him no good.

    As exemplified by A Writer by Any Other Name.

    Just to share with you a little secret. I went to the same college as Stephen Fry whose first novel – The Liar – is dazzlingly sublime. And we have both appeared in courts, thankfully not for the same “crime”.

  2. Nice wordings. Funny I found myself in a bookstore once upon a time longing for solace. I watched hemingway’s old man & the see (movie) when i was 17y and remember wanting to read about it.

    All the best.

  3. I believe that only book lovers can relate to what you have written there. When you are in a bookstore, you lose yourself in your own world and everything else cease to evolve. Like you, my go-to place when i need my quiet and solace moment at a bookstore. So much so that the staffs at the bookstore (we got to the same bookstore, don’t we?) have a nickname for me (it might be for you too): “Regular”

    People laugh when they say you judge a book by its cover, but believe me this, some people would buy a book because the smell of the page or type of paper the book has. Weird, but that book lovers to you…

  4. I know what you mean.

    When life got a bit heavy on my shoulders, I used call time-out and built model aeroplanes. Doesn’t seem to work anymore these days.

    I need a new hideout. Maybe I should take a page out of your book (and Bangkai’s as well): get myself a Moleskine, a good fountain pen, and start writing.

  5. I like to hide in bookstores as well, but bookstores in Kl are all shiny and colorful. I need something faded out and dark, that smells of old books, and has fans whirring instead of air-conditioners.

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