The Return of Tun Dr. Mahathir

(Updated 8 April 2009: BN lost in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. PR lost in Bantang Ai. So, it’s status quo. However, snap election is an appropriate thing to do in Perak. I am so going back to creative writing).

One of the commentators in my previous post called me “Mahathir’s apologist”. You can call me anything you want, but I treasure what the old man did to the country like diamond. 🙂

Despite what his critics have said about him, Tun Dr.  Mahathir, is a still a force the opposition could not afford to ignore. 

He is apparently done slaying Abdullah Badawi, in a very public spat, after Najib Tun Razak took over the premiership last Friday. Last weekend, he rejoined UMNO, submitted his form with RM2 fees attached (cute kan?). 

This morning, he went to Bukit Gantang to campaign for BN. BN must not loose Bukit Gantang. If the Opposition wins, BN’s stake in Perak will be questionable. 

Muhyiddin Yassin called him a “pop star”. 

This is the excerpt of his speech at Bukit Gantang, published in Malaysiakini

“(I have been) a thorn in the flesh of the government… the previous one of course”. 

“During the tenure of Tunku Abdul Rahman, I was also critical of him, and he threw me out of UMNO… Poor Mahathir”. 

I could imagine his cheeky expression while saying the above. No one could have done it like him. 

(TDM’s picture stolen from his Facebook)


14 thoughts on “The Return of Tun Dr. Mahathir

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  2. Sis, give me “five…” A big one. Now I know why I like you.

    When reformasi was the “in” thing back then, I even defied my father and defended this man. What he did in 1998 is just classic.

    And the feeling I got when I was oversea… priceless. I was one proud Malaysian then because I have a leader others wished to have.

  3. Well its your right to support Tun. But I disagree with you 100%. To me Tun is the worst thing that ever happened to Malaysia. He privatized public services that has now resulted in an increase in the cost of living, engaged in countless billion dollar projects with no idea of the effect it will have on the ringgit and destroyed every single institution of repute in the country from the judiciary, the universities and the civil service.

    Now look at Malaysia? After the trillions he spent, we can’t even have one single thing that is considered world class.

    But supporting Tun, thats your right, I am just expressing a decidedly contrary opinion.

  4. I studied oversea too, but still I’m not defending the wrongdoers, especially wicked politician like him.
    I mixed around with people, yes there were many people mentioned good things about him, but that was back in late 90s and early 2000s (during telephone-intensive era). Usually, in the situation of posivite view of him I got from foreigner, I will ask that guy just 1 simple question: Do you ever run any business with Malaysian in Malaysia? or at least dealing on business things with Malaysian in Malaysia…if their answer is YEs, and PLUS his positive views about “This Imnesia-Grandpa”, I would say this guy is lying…or may be he’s just running a burger stall at the corner of Petaling Street, or Kampung Baru…hehehe. I bet you if u ask the right foreign busniessman, they would say….”Thank god my contract over there has completed!”, or worst case he would say “better i deal with **** KING BURGER Plc, rather than bribery-commission-craving oriented malaysian”.

  5. We are all apologist in politics. At one corner, you have TDM’s apologist, then you have Anwar’s apologist, LKS’s apologist even KJ’s apologist. On broader scale you have BN’s apologist, Pakatan’s apologist. Politics is a bowl of colourful candies, you choose the colour you like.

    Whatever it is, IMHO whatever apologist you are, at the end of the day, you have to be true to yourself and call a spade, well, a spade. If a leader has done something good to the nations, despite your personal political preference, a due respect must be given. Likewise when he has done something damaging.

    The problem with Malaysian political scenario is we have so many idolisers instead of apologists. In the end, we have fanatics. We have TDM’s fanatic, we have Anwar’s fanatic, we have TG Nik Aziz’s fanatic, LKS’s fanatics, BN’s fantaic and Pakatan’s fanatic. Say what you like nothing will change their blind fanatism despite actions of their idols which are detriment to the nation.

    I am Tun’s apologist if you want to call it. I respect him for his services for the nation but at the same time I detest some actions that he has made. He has his flaws (who doesn’t?) but all in all, his goods outweigh his bads.

    One also should differentiate between policy stage and implementation stage. A failure at implementation stage should not be blamed to policymaker but rather the person entrusted with implementing and fulfilling the policy. If a parent specifically instructed that from 9-11 every night after dinner the children must stay in their room and do their school homework and brush up on their studies (policy), the children choose instead to play PS3 behind closed door and watch America’s Next Top Model (implementation), do you still blame the parents when the children suffer in their studies and blame the the parents for not being in the children’s room and sit next to them while they adhere to the instruction?

    So do you really want Tun to hold your hands and breathing down your collective necks so that you implement his trillions ringgit policies (as mentioned by a commentor) succesfully and place the blame squarely at the doorstep of the policymaker for your failure to implement the responsibilities placed on your shoulders or you want to be treated like an adult and take charge with personal conviction and pride to oversee it to a fruitful conclusion? I guess it’s human nature to pint to the others when things go south but jump into the bandwagons when things are rosy.

    There lies the problem with Tun. With him, there is no in between, you either love him or hate him. As for me, I’ll take charismatic, full-of-sense, visionary leader over egomaniac, self-centred, empty-can-playing-to-the-gallery politician any day. Would you really ask for anything different?

  6. Elviza,

    I`m not going to pass judgement on the man.Suffice to say that I`m more convinced by the day that in SE Asia, at least for now,nothing short of a very firm,single-minded and visionary leadership will work to ensure stability and growth.Look at the man`s leadership style, Thailand under Thaksin, and Singapore under Harry Lee,or Indonesia under Suharto…periods of unprecedented economic growth.The personal shortcomings of these leaders are something else, but hey, it`s the big picture that matters!And look at what happened to these countries after these leaders left.

    BTW, I`ve had one-on-one official appointments previously with the man in his office when he was PM..the real person, and the man as the public perceives him, are 2-totally different persons.In private, he is a very gentle, soft-spoken,extremely polite and almost shy man. Only 1-thing remains common in the 2-personae…that super-sharp brain!


  7. Of all politicians, I find TDM to be most palatable – along with Tun Ghafar and Tun Abdul Razak.

    The others? Oh, well… What’s the opposite of palatable?

  8. i have to agree with YKMAB. Either one love him, or hate him. And i have my fair share of loving him for his leadership and charisma as our PM. But post-PM, he had done plenty that reeks of malice. To our recent PM. And that was just not right, imo. But looking at bigger picture, Tun is still admirable.

  9. “Despite what his critics have said about him, Tun Dr. Mahathir, is a still a force the opposition could not afford to ignore. ”

    Not a force anymore as shown by the results at the 2 Bukits that he did his part.

    Should have rest peacefully as an advisor to Petronas.

    But again he gets his reward when Mukhriz appointed as Timbalan Menteri for MITI rite?

    Haha ..

  10. Hi, I am a Kelantanese but I disagree 100000% with you. For what should I admire Tun? Before Tun came to power in 1982, Malaysia was already a relatively prosperous nation. Only Japan and Singapore had better standards of living than ours. We were ahead of Korea in terms of GDP per capita. Don’t mention Thailand and Indonesia as these two countries were very way far behind us. Today, Thailand and Indonesia in on par with us. Korea, Singapore and Taiwan have joined the league of developed nations. Why should I admire Tun? For scolding the British and Israel? Any tin-pot dictator in Africa does that for domestic political consumption. If a fiery speech can solve problems, then we would not have problems in this world. Should I admire Tun for what happened to Anwar in custody and for his suggestion that Anwar beat himself up? Should I admire him for having himself surrounded by people like VK Lingam? Tun privatised many public utilities and after more than 10 years the government had to buy them back, with losses of course. Our country has vast reserves of oil and gas in proportion to its population, i.e. we are a net producer. Some OPEC countries like Indonesia are not net producers as their huge population consumes more oil. With oil and gas reserves like malaysia has, any monkey put in office can build high-rise towers, gleaming skys-crappers etc etc. Kawe balik ke Kelate dari Kemaman sejak tahun 1999 setiap minggu – setiap kali ada police road block di Setiu/Besut – kawe akan ditanya “Nak saman atau nak $ettle kat $ini?”. Should I admire Tun for inculcating “Asian values” like this? Tanpa segan tanpa silu, they asked the crude question. This country has collapsed and is experiencing a total breakdown in terms of law and order. The principle of power separation (Executive, Judiciary and Legistlature) has been violated. All I can say is, if you are innocent and don’t commit anything wrong, you will feel afraid of the police, AG chamber, judiciary and all other state instruments. The prospect of being wrongly and unjustly charged is real in this country. We have the best system that money can buy!
    *also SPM 1992*
    *kawe rantau panje – demo pasir mas ko?*

  11. Just because Singapore has a great statesman in LKY doesn’t mean we also have one. LKY is an authoritarian. Tun Dr M is also an authoritarian. But that’s where the similarity ends. Malaysia and Singapore sit at opposite ends of the international corruption index. Media like Utusan malaysia have been reduced to a ‘Projek Memperbodohkan Orang Melayu’ by Umno. It’s a fact that Malaysia has become a laughing stock of the world when it comes to the conduct of its state institutions.

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