Azilah & Sirul sentenced to death

Shah Alam High Court, April 9 – The criminal division of Shah Alam High Court sent both Azilah and Sirul to the gallows this morning. Both were charged with Section 149 of Penal Code for murdering the Mongolian lady, Altantuya Shaariibuu. 

Malaysian Insider observed: 

… While defending himself, Sirul broke down a few times and related to the court that he had been made the “sacrificial lamb” in the murder.

The case has set many records including being the most number of days for hearing (159 days) and the calling of 84 witnesses at the prosecution stage and two at the defence stage, and it remained a high-profile case for almost two years before Razak was released.

According to records, Azilah has been detained at the Sungai Buloh Prison for 891 days while Sirul for 895 days.

Nenek selalu kata: “Ini Mahkamah dunia… Mahkamah akhirat hanya DIA yang tahu”.


7 thoughts on “Azilah & Sirul sentenced to death

  1. Wait. For someone who does not exist (no immigration record) , and Razak Baginda proclaimed that such a woman name Altantuya was a mirage created by the opposition to smear the PM in waiting, how can these two be found guilty of killing someone that does not exist? Oh wait. Let me come up with a conspiracy theory, from the top of my head. Public never did get a good look at these two as their faces were covered at all times. I will not be able to recognize him if he sits down and have tea with me. What if they need to sentenced to death, so that they could be given a life elsewhere…in a land far far away…I mean, think about it, with a new ID, in a new land, with a bank account full of money to last them for 3 generations, who’s to know? Hoping to close the case…..hmmm….

  2. Ah. Kasihan kambing-kambing hitam ini. Diragut hidupnya (jika diberi new ID dan hidup di negara antah berantah sekalipun ianya as good as hilang kehidupan jugak)

    Dan si gembala pun terus bermaharajalela.

    The End. ….for who?

  3. Ini bermakna mereka boleh membunuh sesiapa sahaja yang mereka mahu…. Kita sebagai rakyag biasa tidak perlu terperanjat jika ada diantara kita yang telah dibunuh sebegini…. Rekod orang yang dibunuh telah dipadamkan di jabatan pendaftaran negara, bank, jabatan pelajaran, hospital, universiti dsb untuk membuktikan bahawa orang yang telah dibunuh ini tidak wujud…. Akhirnya rakyat tidak dapat jawapan… Kita telah penat bekerja untuk membayar cukai… Cukai digunakan untuk membuat perkara keji ini, melainkan mereka yakin operasi ini menggunakan cukai judi, arak dan pelacuran maka mereka akan berkata “kami tidak menggunakan duit rakyat. kami menggunakan duit haram untuk melakukan perbuatan haram”.

    ps:- Pelacuran masih ada dan kali ini makin terbuka dijalankan di pusat-pusat urut, pusat menjaga kesihatan (spa), rumah rumah kecantikan, restoran terbuka, di kelab-kelab malam… Mereka ini juga adalah pembayar cukai kepada malaysia.

  4. “sacrificial lamb”… Would like to know whether Sirul is also saying “I didn’t do it”. If he didn’t, then there’s a “kezaliman” of the highest order here. But if he really was involved, and he’s only whining about “others” not being charged too, then I have only contempt for him.

    Can’t deny the possibility of “others” – especially Razak Baginda. After all, based on the testimonies, he had cause and motive to do so.

    The “former PM-in-waiting”? Anwar and PR zealots would hope so. But is there really proof of this? BTW please don’t point out “What about the one in the French newspaper?”. This isn’t evidence – it’s just rehashing whatever was previously alleged, including what the victim’s father had said.

    BTW I know quite a few readers must be itching to reply to this. For what it’s worth, I have to mention that I don’t quite like that guy as well. But after reading some of the more level-headed bloggers like Aziz Hassan of “Mana-Mana”, I have to agree that there’s not much against him; except prejudice and insinuations.

  5. Really impressed with your MM column. Gutsy and authoritative. Will the ghastly MYOB kddies get the message?


    Thank you so much, for everything. Glad you like the piece

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