To ‘that’ person

Have you no heart at all? Yes, you. You know who you are. 

Then again, I know how much you hate my guts, my bluntness and my on-your-bloody-face directness. I want to let you know I forgive you. Instead, I have forgiven you a long time ago. I even think we should be friends – that’s okay, may be not. 

However, if you have a problem with me, don’t you think you should tell me personally, or on this blog, or on my blatantly obvious email addresses?

Don’t you think it’s such a chore to go half around the world to tell me how much you hate me? You need to get a life! Hire a lifestyle coach or something. 

This isn’t supposed to be therapy, Elviza.  This is a space for happy, shinny people who hold no ill-intention towards anyone. 🙂

I am just going to be better so ‘that person’ will go insane hating my guts. Deal?

P/s: Don’t worry friends. I am okay. In fact, I am thriving. 


12 thoughts on “To ‘that’ person

  1. Michelle,

    In Anthony & Cleopatra, William Shakespeare wrote:

    “In time we hate that which we often fear”

    Ever thought the person suffers from inferiority complex when put against you?

    1. No more this or that political parties. (Tiada lagi parti politik ini ke itu)
    2. No more this or that NGOs. (Tiada lagi ini ke itu NGO)
    3. No more General and By-Elections and sudden death. (Tiada lagi Pilihanraya Besar atau Kecil dan mati kejut)
    4. No more Courts and kangaroos. (Tiada lagi Mahkamah dan kangaroo)

    cont’d at (bersambung di):

  3. Mish,

    I told you fame comes with a price. There always someone jealous of someone else. That’s just how this world goes…. But you know what we think of you, we know your heart, we love you, we cherish your talent and you in return give us invaluable friendship.

    You have said your piece to her/him (aku rasa “her” lah…) and now just write that goddamn book you have been telling me about decades ago!

    Please lah, you went through SOOOO BLOODY MUCH MORE than this stupid shithead. Do what You Know Me As Bryan said.

    See you Friday

  4. Don’t waste your time with losers who can’t see other people move forward – its a no brainer.

    Keep writing away

  5. Elviza,

    You can’t please everyone. So please just go ahead and be the writer we always love.

    You have been doing this for years. We love you for who you are

  6. *Insert angry cat noise here.*

    Yikes. Haha. It’s all good my friend. There will always be toxic people who come and go from our lives. You just keep on being you and everything will be fine.

  7. I can’t figure this one out although the comments do help to encourage my making assumptions. But then tak dapat jugak all the answers to the “W+1H” questions. Kalau tanya, nanti terjadi kesalahan bawah “Akta Jaga Tepi Kain” pulak.

  8. hello elviza,
    i’ve just discovered today that you’re a TDM’s fan!! therefore after silently and irregularly reading your blog the past few months, i’m now declaring myself an elviza’s fan!! 😉 and i’m definitely not into politics at all..!! i’m just a true blue TDM’s admirer, and anybody who publicly speaks up for him has my unwavering support..

    yeah, it needs bravery and plenty of guts to write about politics and standing up to your political views and opinions.. so dear sis, just soldier on and continue writing away..

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