Book Launch: Kanser Payudaraku

Who is Raden Galoh?

Ah, that’s her penname. Her real name is Dalilah Tamrin.

What does she do?

She works on a full time basis, like everybody else. She is raising two good looking boys who are growing at alarming speed. She cares for her husband, Mambang Hijau, at the same time. No, she has no maid. 

Is it true that she had cancer?

Yes, she had cancer. In fact she fought the huge cancer waves twice. 

And she wrote a book about it? 

Darn right she did! The book, ‘Kanser Payudara Ku’, will be be launch this Monday (April 20th, 2009) at PWTC. The launch will be held by the publisher, Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. 

What time

2 p.m. See you there!


10 thoughts on “Book Launch: Kanser Payudaraku

  1. Dearest Elviza…

    I’m moved by your effort dear sis… Thank you for being here in my heart and in my life…always. You are not just a close friend. You are my sister.


  2. Elviza,
    Despite all the odd Dalilah managed to fight the dreaded cancer and she won. What better way to tell others how she went through it all so that others can learn from her experience. At one stage I thought we would have lose her. That shows how strong this sister of ours is.

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  4. My dearest friend past away in October 2007 because of breast cancer. She fought twice but God loves her more and now my sister is embracing this frightful nightmare. She should know about the launch and the book. Thank you Raden Galoh for your inspirations and to you Elviza for spreading the awareness.

  5. Hai Elviza,
    Really happy that Radin G managed to share her experience in fighting brest cancer through her first book. It will be most ueful for all women out there especially those battling the same disease.

    Hope to be there on Monday to support her.

  6. Hi, I’m trying to reach out to any fan/friend to the late Dalilah Tamrin (aka Raden Galoh) to help work on a 2nd and expanded edition of Dalilah’s previously quite successful and inspirational book, “Kanser Payudara Ku: Perjuangan & Kesedaran” (2009: Tinta Publishers). I feel that with her passing, an expanded edition of the book detailing her inspirational experience with cancer will certainly continue to benefit and inspire a wider reader/fan base. I would suggest the new materials to come from her once extensive blog writings that were heavily omitted in the 1st edition. They are now still available with me as I had been her publisher then and still holds the rights. I think her family would appreciate it too. Anyone interested and willing, please contact me: Riz at 012-2280037 or email (On another note, Dal’s same book is also now being converted to be sold as e-book by an e-publisher, Kotabuku, perhaps available before year’s end). Thanks.

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