Dalilah’s Book Review (sort of)

The moment I finished writing the title of this post, I thought to myself: “You are an idiot, Elviza! You can’t write your friend’s book review objectively. You’ll be biased.”

Whatever it is, talk about it again I must. The Malay Mail has a write-up about the book launch in their Cyberspot’s section today. The feature is written by Gabey Goh. Click on the link here

At the book launch on Monday – and as it is customary when few bloggers gathered – we had tonnes of fun, and snapped countless photos with each other (syok sendiri kan?). 

One of my favourite shots is that of Datuk Seri Marina Mahathir (best known as ‘Kak Marina’ among us) and Dalilah smiling away at the lense. They both looked so relaxed and calm.

Must learn from them how to look like that in a photo instead of grinning like an opened oyster in front of the camera – like I always do. 

And Darling, you know how I feel: darn proud of you!

Go buy the book already, people.


5 thoughts on “Dalilah’s Book Review (sort of)

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  2. am gonna purchase the book directly from her. pastu mintak MH autograph sekali. pastu ajak pegi makan kat one Thai restaurant @amcorp. pastu order banyak2. pastu mintak MH bayar.

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