Insurance company from hell

(Updated on 27 May 2009 @ 10:46 a.m. Please click this link to read the forum on how impossible this giant corporation can be, told you they are so screwed! Thanks for the info from commentator Man)

My mentor, a senior partner in a renowned law firm, taught me a cardinal principle in practice: When your client is right, he is right. But when your client is wrong, he is right. I heed the advice until today, and Alhamdullillah, I have managed to stay out of trouble with my clients. At times (dare I hope) I feel that they might love me a little. 

But this may not be the case with your insurance company for they take people’s money and only honor your claim as and when they fancy doing so.

As fate would have it, I suffered from slip disc on Sunday. After enough emergency drama at home, I was admitted to the hospital and subsequently being subject to medical tests, processes of which are still foreign to yours truly (who have been blessed with robust health condition before). 

Below is an excerpt of my official complaint letter to Prxxxxxxxx.

“I had called Prxxxxxxxx and spoke to the following persons: Saravanan Vellasamy, Ms. Lou and Ms. Anis. 

Mr Saravanan was unable to answer my detailed enquiry but he kept insisting that the treatment could be dispensed off to outpatient treatment. As I was unhappy, I probed further namely: what are the types of the treatment that you, in your esteemed establishment, deem recoverable under the policy? As he kept beating around the bush, I told him to speak up as I will not tolerate his disconcertingly vague replies.

To my horror, this person shouted at me that if I don’t behave, he will hang up the phone. 

Now, if you could please enlighten me whether your personnel is allowed to speak to any of the policy holders the way Mr. Saravanan spoke to me? 

My second call was pick up by Anis, the first question she uttered to me was: “Apalagi yang Encik nak nih? Kan tadi dah berapa kali call?”

I was aghast with her manner, and I demanded to speak to someone else. I also asked for her prudential’s reference number and full name. She got scared and rudely passed the phone to one Ms Lou. 

Your Ms Lou, picked up the phone and asked this question (in her halting and poor English, if I may add): “Already 3 people cannot assist you, what do you want me to do?” She then proceeded to read out loud my entire policy without  listening to what I have to say. 

Ms Lou also said that I was not properly diagnosed by my doctor. I beg to differ Ms Lou’s unfounded remarks about Doctor Kxx because I have been properly advised by him as to my injury.

Please explain to me if Ms. Lou is indeed a registered medical personnel to gauge Dr. Kxx’s performances?

Challenged beyond my wits, I called my agent, Irexx Lxx, who subsequently asked the hospital to issue a letter to Hospital Alliance Services to explain as to why I need be hospitalised.

The hospital did as instructed, but your establishment took hours before they decided to decline my policy again.”

And that folks, is only a tip of the iceberg. This post is intended to remind that if you are anything like me at all – who gives standing instruction to your credit card company to pay your insurance, been paying for years and never once fall sick – you need to be aware of your policy. 

Hidden behind the finely (read: impossible to read) printed words is the clause that says the insurance company has an upper hand in literally everything. 

This is not about paying the RM2,071.40 hospital bill, this is about how your insurance company can swat you down like a fly. 

I have never sued anyone or anything in my individual capacity, perhaps I should do it to alert the public. Heck, what do I have to loose? My hard-earned RM2,071.40? That’s all there is to it, right?

But if I proceed to champion my rights, the public gets to know how nasty this giant corporation can be. I’ll see you in court, sir.


15 thoughts on “Insurance company from hell

  1. Get the doctor to admit you to the panel private hospital of the Insurance company for 3 days, arrange with the doctor to give you a 7 days Medical leave and that would qualify you for a medical claims. At the hospital, ask the doctor to give you a complete medical test and whatever test you want and charge the bill to the said Insurance Company. Of course there is some procedures to follow. The private hospital is good at that. They will get the Guarantee Letter from the insurance company first. The rest is up to you and the hospital how much you want them to charge the Insurance company. Go for the maximum ! hehe.. that will teach them a lesson..
    And about this rude attitude of the insurance company, I also encounter the same at other Insurance Company. One of them is Grea_ East___ at Kota Bharu Branch. They are so rude as if they are working in a bank 30 years ago. You know ? Just sit behind the counter and you have to que bringing the money. Talking on phone also rude because you are already commited to pay regularly. If you lapse, you ‘rugi lah’. Insurance, once bought, no U-turn !
    Dear Kbguy,

    Oh, you are so right, once bought, there is no U-turn. I suppose you can u turn but you will be at a huge loss. I really wonder, if they want to make the life of the insured so difficult, why bother selling it in the first place? Beats me.

  2. Elviza, sorry to hear about the slipdisc and bad encounter with insurance people. Seems like it’s a thing for insurance people to reject all claims. I can’t believe they talked to you like that and even threaten if you don’t ‘behave’ he’ll hang up on you?

    Go bitch slap Prxxxxxxxx and all those 3 personnel with a lawsuit Sis! Sue for the amount and then some so they maybe they will learn something.

    When dealing with bills, of course it is about money since it should be covered by them. That is why you have the insurance.

  3. oh God, sue them EL, sue their asses off!

    and i swear if ever any of this particular company’s agent approaches me or any of my family members i will make him read this post first. they can save all their rehearsed sweet words to other fools who’d buy their story of friendly policy and all the jibberish bullcrap.

    with this post i seriously hope they’ll miss out on at least 10 potential customers. lets deepen the dent and get this case published in MM’s front page.

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  5. you should!!! Overley convenient lah org kat situ…I tell you, once I mengamuk dengan Barclays (who arrange all my atuknenek policies) habis segala cawangan dia call mintak mahap pastu offer macam2 perks.

    Oh…lucky we all here have National Insurance, kan? Jeles tak kau?

  6. The first step to do in any situation like this is to talk your the agent that sold you the policy.They know the company managers who are better trained and legally knowledgeable,than those that normally answer phone calls.

    If your are covered, the agent will assist you(after discussions with the managers) in making your claims,but if you are not covered,they will explain to you in properly legal terms why they are not.

    Email me the name of the insurance co and if you are lucky I may know the people there and can try to assist you in getting the actual position of your claim.FOC of course!

  7. Dear Elviza,

    Sorry to hear abt your slip disc and hopefuly you recover soon.

    Malaysians generally are weak on consumer’s rights and always taken a ride by Services sector. They imposed many ‘restriction clauses’ and ‘trap’ with fine prints.

    These services sector knows that malaysians generally will hesitate to take legal action as this recourse will end up more money to pay up and how many of us can afford that?

    Premiums religously paid and what we get (besides ‘feel good’ believed on promises that we will be taken care of in the event untoward incident => rude customers care reps + many excusses in denying our rights + long time in processing claims if successful (literally we need to beg them for our money).

    Go for it, Elviza! Don’t let them bully you!

  8. Encountered those kind of Customer Service personnel so many times and 99% of the time, I ended up paying. Now I know what is my problem. I am not a lawyer!

    Sue ’em sis! Do it on my behalf too.

    (Checked my insurance card and it does not start with X. Should I celebrate?)

  9. Its great that you are taking steps. Then again you are a lawyer but generally people should do something about it. Anyway, all i have to add is if you ever have any claims or worried about the policy just refer first and foremost to the agent who you bought from first. That is the person you whack first.
    That is why people buy with their friends as usually, most friends ( i think that I know) do not screw a person up and will talk in the same language.
    Nevertheless, if you seek alternative insurance agent. I would be happy to refer to a few which is cheaper than pX@#$$%. Call Harris if you need my number.

  10. Screw them Elviza! These insurance companies can be such ^$%$@#! Start a hate campaign if u must.

    Banks and insurance companies must know that they SURVIVE because we gave them money and need to be shown the necessity of humility.

    There are lots of people representing companies who behave as if they have the right to make u miserable, violate your privacy, intimidate you and worse.

    Just yesterday some guy called me from a fitness centre asking me to try out their place for free (trial basis la). I asked him how he got my number. He won’t answer me.

    I told him this is violation of my privacy. He said I was being difficult. Imagine the cheek!

    I gave him an earful and hung up.

    You go and give the infernal insurance company hell, Elv. I’m with u.

  11. I am her client (my father is actually) and we love her and her partners. She took a great pain to explain to us every details in the procedure. Generous with her discount too.

    I can’t believe they treat you that way. Will call you to find out the culprit. If they are the same company my family bought an insurance from, I am gonna cancel it! Teach these blood suckers a lesson.

    I hope the three idiots heads got fired. They bring bad names to other good customer service. What a prick.

    I am sorry they treated you like that Elviza, you are a very nice person (and no I am not asking for discount). Pity you lah… Rest well ok?

  12. What can I send you to ease the pain? Expedite the healing process?

    Flowers? Don’t think u r flowery girl.

    Choclate? But you love coffee

    I knew it! I send you a bunch of books for you. That’s do it right?

    Now dear before u go all heroic on the arrogant insurance co, pls pls pls rest and recover first.

    There is always tmr to do that 🙂

  13. Hi Elviza

    Curious, I was prompted to come here when I see your headlines in one of my friend’s blog. Firstly, so sorry about your slip disc. Hope you get well soon.

    Secondly, that’s really a terrible service from the said company. Like it or not, we are all at their mercy. I remembered a few years back during the bombing in Bali, they immediately sent letters to policy holders disclaiming any damages caused by terrorist attack! Can you believe it? Dah lah we’re not covered against ‘Act of God’… So we wonder what are we covered for, actually. Something that they hope will never or rarely happen, maybe?

    I would certainly do something to wake up everybody, especially that said company.

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