Reply from Insurance Company

I believe the insurance company has received my 800-words complaint letter. They emailed me yesterday stating they are investigating on the three rude people and they will inform me the result thereof after the completion of the investigation. I hope they stay true to their words because I am in no mood for jokes at the moment. 

My insurance agent also called me yesterday informing that they will reimburse every single cents that I have incurred for the medical bills. The RM2071.40 was rightfully mine after all, sorry to disappoint commentator Encik Fahizul. May I also remind you, Encik Fahizul, that the prerogative to moderate comments is ABSOLUTELY mine. Thank you very much. 

I am feeling much better. Thank you friends and clients for the  flowers, chocolates, cards and well-wishes. I am forever grateful to be blessed with so many caring family and friends in my life. Thank you, thank you.

Now, let me get back to work (yawn).


5 thoughts on “Reply from Insurance Company

  1. Previous commentator is right. Insurance companies are just bastards. Some dedicated agents do their job well and that is why I buy insurance at all.

    These caring agents would be there whenever I need them.

    The company can go screw itself.

    I wonder if the likes of Prudential, Great Eastern, ING and whatever other insurance comps out there realise that lots of other establishments have started offering insurance policies that actually deliver value for their clients.

    I’m following this Elv. Keep us updated. It is time they learn about consumer sovereignty.

  2. Sis Elviza,

    Now I got the whole story. Take care. Is your slip disc due to heavy files you have to lug around?

  3. That’s the price they have to pay if they meet a client who is also a lawyer. What about layman like us ? Don’t even dream to get out claims without all the trouble.
    Insurance companies only expect high sales and low claims. So they hunt for you high and low for sales, and push you around for claims !

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