Update from Insurance Company from Hell

This morning (mind you I have yet to drink my first elixir of  life called caffeine) Ms Lau from the insurance company called me. She apologised for being rude and she agreed with me that an examplary customer service would bring her company a long way. Her apology was later followed by another detailed text message to my phone. 

I told Ms Lau I am not a cruel person, and I will duly withdraw my official complaint against her. However, I managed to tell her (nicely) what she did – especially her boorish demeanor in asnwering my query – was wrong. Her clients and/or the public should never be treated like a beggar when they are the ones paying for the policy. 

Since then, Ms Lau and I are now friends. 

However, my official complaints on her other two colleagues stand as it is until they do what Ms. Lau just did. 

I believe that to err is human but to forgive is a responsibility. I am feeling much better. Thanks for everything, folks.


3 thoughts on “Update from Insurance Company from Hell

  1. Alexander Pope once remarked:

    “To err is human, to forgive is divine”

    You, my friend, are now divine. Hehehe 😉

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