Who’s your Paediatrician?

Hi! I am back and healthy. 

A friend of mine asked on Facebook: Who is the best paed in town. She needs the information to get the best care for her young girl. Her question has triggered an avalanche of answers from the new age parents on Facebook. 

I am writing today to share my experience about the best paed in my book. Of course, I have met a fair share of arrogant-compassionless-I-am-always-busy kind of paediatrician but let’s just leave it at that. 

Here’s what I wrote on my friend’s Facebook and hope the experience would help us all in picking the right doctors for our children. 

Excuse me dear, 

Hi Tun Hisan. I know! The que at Musa’s so long right? But Musa, to me at least, embodies all criteria to be an excellent paed. 

He listens, he answers questions, he removes your doubt, he tells you off (nicely) when needed, he does not worry you unnecessarily. 

He is always certain of what is best for your child, and he is always right too. 

He fix the IV needle onto your child’s hand himself, he never lets the nurses do that. I saw him did a Subuh prayer at the hosp and only left around 11 p.m. when my son was under his care. He lives and breathes the paed department in DSH.

He takes the trouble to remember your child’s ailments and allergy. He won’t remember your name though. 

Most importantly, in moments of panic (you will when your child are prone to fits), he answers your call and sms. 

I know all these because I went through hell when my child was sick and Dr. Musa, besides bringing my child to this world, had saved his life too. God bless Dr. Musa.


8 thoughts on “Who’s your Paediatrician?

  1. The paed Musa will now have months and months of pre-booked appointments, thanks to Elviza. May I too have his no, sis?

    p.s pardon for moi ignorance, DSH = Damansara Specialist Hospital, is it?

  2. 100% in agreement with you. When my daughter was born in 1987, he was in S’ban GH. She was born very weak and fragile, with a throat infection. He was very good and importantly, he explained the problems and what we had to do. My wife and I followed his instructions and within a few weeks we had a bouncy, healthy baby who is now a beautiful and intelligent individual. The problem may not have been very serious but his compassion was very comforting to us. GOOD MAN.

  3. I find Dr. Musa a bit abrupt and rushed. We would spend an entire morning waiting for him only to spend 5 mins tops with him during regular check-ups.

    But I will never forget how he spent time taking care of my preemie daughter back in 2004. She was the only one warded at the NICU and weighing at 1.9 kg she was too fragile. He would come in early in the morning and plotted her progress everyday on the chart and took time to assure me that everything was going on well. As if she was the most important patient in the hospital. You could not help but feel that your baby was in good hands. At one point I was looking longingly at my daughter through the incubator window and he told the nurse, “Let the mother hold her baby”.

    Right now my kids are older and I am visiting another doctor who has a much shorter queue and relatively has more time to chat and discuss the kids’ progress

    I think Dr. Musa is definitely one of the best paeds in town.

  4. “He takes the trouble to remember your child’s ailments and allergy. He won’t remember your name though”…

    So true :), but we, the parents are not his patients anyway. So, it doesn’t matter, really. Hehehe!

    Yup! I so agree with you, Elviza. And I don’t mind waiting in the (long!) queue for my kids to see him 🙂

    He’s the “straight-to-the-point” kind of a paed. His PR may not be to the liking of some, but, he knows his stuff 🙂

  5. Aku hantar anak aku kat Dr. Amdan, Klinik Adek Seksyen 9 Shah Alam…. Masa Dr. Amdan dari Monday to Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm… Bayaran consultation fee dlm RM 40 – RM 50… Ubat boleh mintak prescription je.. lepas tuh beli sendiri kat farmasi…. klinik penuh biasanya hari isnin pagi.. Kalau perlu nebulizer berterusan contohnya dalam 4 jam sekali doctor akan prescribe ubat & bagi pinjam mesin nebulizer untuk kegunaan dirumah…

  6. hi, may i know where is Dr Musa attached to?
    hi, sorry for the late reply, Datuk Dr. Musa is currently at Damansara Specialist Hospital.

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