Home Sweet Home & Raden Galoh

We are back, and I was almost sorry to leave Luqman at home to resume office. After almost two weeks of spending intense time together, the poor child thought his father and I are never going back to work again. 

Above is my favourite shot of the whole trip. Husband snapped that onboard river cruise from Fremantle Port back to Bell Tower Harbor in Perth. Indian Ocean spread menacingly in front of the deck; blue sky set azure on the horizon; traces of pregnant clouds hang low. Luqman snuggled near me every time the chilled winter breeze swept over. 

But life – as it is unavoidably so – has many tricks on our plate. Yesterday, fellow blogger (now turned close friend) texted me to inform that her doctor has found three lumps in the left lobe of her liver.

Dalilah – bearing a pen name of Raden Galoh –  needs no introduction in the blogsphere. She pencils down her courageous spirit in fighting cancer on her blog, One Breast Bouncing. She recently published a book, Kanser Payudaraku, detailing the face- off she had with breast cancer.

As we speak, she is waiting for her turn to see the surgeon at HKL. I pray to God for the damn lumps to be benign. You could do the same too. We walk with you, Dalilah. 


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home & Raden Galoh

  1. Dear Elv,

    Raden Galoh is a strong woman, she’ll be fine, InsyaAllah.
    My prayer for her.

    I cant stop staring at your backside…(well, I knw staring is bad, but who cant resist a nice view, no?)
    Welcome home, dear… 🙂


  2. Elviza, I live in Perth during my youth. The weather is great that of the Mediterranean type all the year around. Great wine and Bar B Q.

    BTW There is a Malay colony in Fremantle. Have a nice day.

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