Moleskine Portfolio

In moment of weakness, exacerbated by chronic obsession with Moleskine, I shamelessly indulged myself in its latest Portfolio. I know, I know… Moleskine is ridiculously expansive for paper product but I can’t help myself. 

Now my published essays – its mediocrity notwithstanding – have a home. Every time I run my fingers across the acid-free blackboard, it’s a love affair all over again… 

Note to self: Write that damn book already, woman!


7 thoughts on “Moleskine Portfolio

  1. If only they’re as affordable as they were back then.

    This assuming Hemingway and Van Gogh didn’t rake in above average wages… did they?

  2. Ohhhh I saw one in a bookstore @ Telawi. It was RM124 or more. I left with my heart scattered into piece. Now awaiting pay day for July so that I could slosh my dirty hand on this exquisite beauty. Excellent choice for budding new authors like yourself, M’am… but I only want to store my resume. LOL

  3. Elviza,

    When fiancee asked for a Moleskin for her bday, I thot what the heck is wrong with her? This post and your article in Malay Mail last week shed some lights on it. I still don’t understand the logic behind it but like any other love affairs, who needs logic right?

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