Ambalat, Siti Hajar & Manohara

I received an email from MRSM’s buddy containing photographs of protest held in Jakarta at Malaysian’s Embassy. The email lacks date and time of the protest but surely have some damning pictures for us to see. 

I try to hold my tongue silent on Jakarta’s boiling rage against her Kuala Lumpur’s counterpart. However, these pictures make that feeble attempt impossible. 

I haven’t had the time to read about Ambalat water/territorial dispute in its entirety, therefore I leave the issue until the next posting. 

As to the bizarre love affair between Mahora and the Kelantan’s royalty, I have no comment on that too, except: she’s 17 and pretty while he’s rich. You do the maths. 

In my country’s defense, I admit the treatment accorded to poor Siti Hajar was inhuman if not downright evil. Whoever has the capacity to hurt another human that way needs a serious mental therapy. For that I apologise on behalf of my country. 

Neither am I going to remain silent on the millions (or should I write ‘billions’ instead?) of Malaysian Ringgit the Indonesians have been raking in the name of better employment here. And that millions – I stand to be corrected – does not in any way boost their flailing economy in the slightest? 

What about the families who eat with their maids at the same table, day in and day out? What about the families who bring their maids together with them on expensive holiday? Give them a raise, treat them like part of the family and walk the extra mile to help the maids’ family in Indonesia? That – hardly surprising though – goes unnoticed. 

In this unfair world we live in, we must learn to co-exist beyond the boundaries of colours, religion and nationality. I love my country, warts and all, and I will not tolerate anyone talking rubbish about it. So, my Indonesian friends (who undoubtedly make better music all the bloody time), stereotyping is not cool, okay? 

And what’s with the open burning man?? Have mercy on the environment. 


13 thoughts on “Ambalat, Siti Hajar & Manohara

  1. Elv,

    I understand where are u coming from but there are more than meet the surface. We have not been fair to our neighbours, we think we are fortunate than them. That is the core of all this fight – the love affair of the model and royalty is a different story all together. More like why are we harping on someone else’s marriage? Beat me.

  2. I think its another case of the media blowing it up unnecessarily. Its always the media who does all the reporting and of course the juicy part is when someone gets hurt or treated unfairly where else the good side of the story where the maid become part of our family, goes on holiday and eat at the same table with us will never be exposed. As you said…life is unfair n will never be fair for as long as human being continue blaming and harping each other.

    Yes Elviza.. the world is in dire need “co-exist beyond the boundaries of colours, religion and nationality”

    Love your writings!!

  3. Well at last there is blogger here talking sensibly. I AM one of those families who eat with our maids (this is our third one) at the same table at home and in restaurants took her together on holidays including STARCRUISE.
    We give our maid of 8 years occasional raise,celebrated her birthdays and treat her like part of our family.She goes marketing on her own and is given petty cash.
    Human Rights groups recently reported that Indonesians back home treated their domestic workers like slaves!
    What we dont know is that the hue and cry by Indonesian Leaders including Presiden SBY over the abuse of Siti translated into a few hundred thousands overseas vote here and a few millions votes back home from the migrant workers next-of-kin out of deep appreciation for the Politicians concern.
    Just because of one or two psychotic employers who abused maids they echoed Sukarno’s “Ganyang Malaysia!

  4. I’ve been following this issue very closely simply because my own well being might be at stake. I am literally in the lion’s den, dealing with the subtle threat of being “ganyang-ed” or “keroyok-ed” at any given time.

    I eat, breathe and work amongst thousands of Indonesians – often alone in their midst – for the last four years running while all this issues came up. Fortunately most, if not all of them, has accepted me as one of their own, thus they can speak freely to me.

    I have also become phone and email “friends” with a high profile victim, if you recall, the “Karate Referee” that was roughed up by some RELA men in Nilai awhile back. His civil suit against the RMP is coming up soon, I believe.

    Bottom line is Malaysia should not treat Indonesia lightly. They had gone to the polls the day before and in all likelihood the status quo remains. This is a country with a quarter of a billion people. And when they get their act their together, they will run circles around us, economically, I mean.

    The sentiment here is running high, and perhaps, like some suggested, the media or the politicians on both sides of the divide, might be to blame.

    If you look around the net, there’s an anti-Malaysia website. Even facebook groups (yes, many) dedicated to vilification of Bolehsia’s inhabitants.

    This is all very worrying because I don’t want my country to be viewed as “arrogant”. I’ve been an expatriate for some time now, been mingling with the elite and riff-raff (I admit this is where I belong) from countries as diverse as Japan, Burma, Thailand, US and Sudan even.

    And you know what? Since 99.9999% of our DNA is similar, which is why we could impregnate across the wide spectrum of humans at whim, peel a little bit and well, underneath we’re all the same.

    It’s hard to believe but it’s true. But some Malaysians refuse to believe that. I don’t know how the arrogance came to be but take a wild guess. Because the country isn’t run by truly capable you-know-what.

    The Manohara, Siti, etc., issues could have been handled better if the ministers knew what they were doing. Should’ve nipped it in the bud. Ambalat? Both the defense ministers had a “four-eyed” meet recently to thrash the issue. Military there never was any real problems. Only politicians who fail to understand the gravity of the situation and how to handle them with properly.

  5. Dear,

    Once you let them in,they never want to go back.
    Belief me,at home pay is lousy,but they are able to service with accord,since they got no choise but to submit coz of one leave,10 would come.The Hindu Caste system are deeply rooted in them.Very obedience at home but after a while abroad after learning the local temprement,they start being local themself.
    Here,we got no choise,take it or leave it.
    I want that amount for my service.
    I experience it personnely, a semi skill ‘Wak Kang’take no less than $150 a day,asked for a $100,his answer was ‘….abang buatlah sendiri’

    I think high time for Parliament to make a bill for compulsory employment for 18th.and above.
    Minah pun satu hal,kerja cuci pinggan pun tak mahu.
    As for domestic helper,why cant we bela anak yatim yang tak seberapa at home or as we used to do before saudara-mara yang jauh,yang tak seberapa tu didekatkan.
    Treat them well,dont asked to be served but do it together.
    Make them feel ‘you dont work for me but with me’.
    Yes a bit utopia statement but both my aunt has helper at home (I would rather say they are part of the family)and both pass away in my aunty home.They were with them since I was a wee lad till they both pass away recently.Sampai bela cucu lepas bela anak…

    How lucky to some……
    Take care dear.

  6. At first I thought to apologise on behalf of Malaysia towards the treatment of some maids in our country, but upon seeing and reading the reactions from the Indonesians, I feel that an apology is not what they want. It’s blood they are after!! If we rise to the occasion, I fear the retributions. Therefore I will try to repair the damage in my own small way by continuing to be nice to my maid, to continue to make her and her sister (who works for my parents)part of the family and show them that not all Malaysians are as cruel as portrayed by the demonstrators in Jakarta.

  7. The Ambalat case is truly pathetic..those sadistic employers definitely deserve to be removed from society,as even pet dogs receive far better treatment than that poor maid.But, you are right, Elviza..thousands more employers here are very kind to their Indon maids.But,good news is no news… what sells in the media fraternity is very simply ..sensationalism!

    Manohara?Granted, it should be seen as an in-house affair, but gross cruelty and forcing her to come back home simply because that`s what good wives in Islam are supposed to do…that`s real bull,and really gives my beautiful religion a bad name.Since when has Islam advocated that wives simply morph into an item of “belonging” of the husband afer the marriage, no matter how she suffers at his hands?God Almighty!I`ll say to the husband,”Look hard into the mirror,dude, before you invoke Almighty Allah`s name!Maybe you don`t even deserve any claim to this beautiful religion, as your acts and attitude suggest, no matter what your standing in society.”

    Finally, I totally agree with those calls to put an end to all the grandstanding and patronising of these neighbours of ours.Why is it that we get mad when those from that little red dot, on the other hand,
    hold us in almost zero regard?It`s th economy, Elviza, always the economy.


  8. Surely it can’t be just about the maids, right?

    Nothing wrong in the construction kongsi and plantations? Who are these fair employers?

    Sapa rela?

  9. Hi Ms Elviza,

    Notice the stark difference between this protest/demonstration in Jakarta & the one in Perth (your previous post). From an impartial viewpoint, we tend to be more sympathetic to the one in Perth, when it was conducted in a more civil & orderly manner which is how it should be. People believing the principle of the issue there; actually take time off work to attend these rallies. But then again, you can actually ‘rent’ a crowd/mob in Jakarta. These professional ‘career’ protestors don’t give two hoots about the cause of the demonstration so long as they are paid just to create a scene for the media. (Note the props they used, just like the white board conference large notepads you use; rip it off & scribble on another message cum another cause).

    I remembered once they were protesting against Nike Co Inc exploitation of the local factory staff there. Lo & behold, how ironic is it, of the crowd amongst them to be actually sporting Nike gears (authentic or knockoff is another matter), heheh. Betcha, you’ll rip your hair off trying to explain to your 3y.o how to differentiate between the two.


  10. Siapa sebenar nya yang meniru dan mencuri Malaysia atau indonesial ? Indon mengaku semua nya adalah miliknya. Lagu rakyat, makanan,batik, pulau, laut, lautan, selat, tanah, bukit, gunung dan biawak komodo. Indon menuduh Malaysia mencuri, mencontek, maling dan sebagainya. Indonesia juga banyak menciplak hampir semua …..
    Benderanya ditiru daripada bendera Poland. Lambang kerajaan pun ditiru dari poland. Sudah ada 2 yang indonesial tiru dari Poland. Hairan lah. Adakah ini kemungkinan atau memang mereka meniru. Memang indonesia dasar maling. Kalau Malaysia tiru bendera Amerika, sekurang-kurangnya Amerika menang perang dunia kedua. Poland kalah perang dunia kedua bong !!!… Apa yang hendak kamu banggakan dengan Poland. Malaysia beli kereta kebal (tank) dari Poland. Kah kahh kahhh !!!
    Nama indonesiaL ditiru daripada India dan russia. india + sia = indonesia. Kononnya mereka beranggapan Indonesia adalah negara kuasa besar setaraf dengan India dan Rusia dan ingin menandingi Amerika. Nama pun mahu di tiru. Tiada nama lainkah. Kamu yang selalu mencuri identiti Negara lain dan bukan Malaysia. Apakah kamu kekeringan idea? Dasar peniru, penciplak, pencontek dan maling. Dia yang maling, mengatakan bangsa lain yang maling. Kalau dah bodoh memang bodoh.
    Matawang nya pula ditiru daripada matawang Rupee dari India menjadi rupee-ah atau rupiah indonesiaL. Adakah ini juga kebetulan. Sudahlah nama negara hampir sama (Ind, India=indonesiaL) dan sekarang nama mata wang pula sama (Rupee=Rupee-ah=rupiah). Malangnya matawang Rupiah Indonesia hanyalah menjadi gelak ketawa di Malaysia. Ini adalah kerana nilainya yang terlalu amat rendah. Nilai satu juta rupiah (wow banyak tu) bernilai antara Ringgit Malaysia RM300 hingga RM 400 sahaja. Kah Kahh Kahhh …
    Banyak lagi Indonesia mencuri idea dan budaya bangsa lain. Bangunan MONAS Indon juga ditiru daripada Washington Monument di Amerika.
    Dasar maling memang bangsa maling. Semua mahu ditiru. Semua lagu inggeris dan melayu mahu di dangdut kan oleh orang indonesiaL. Saya pernah mendengar lagu Cindai Siti Nurhaliza versi dangdut nyanyian penyanyi populer indonesia maling ini. Malah banyak lagi lagu melayu dan inggeris. Tiru semua lagu di dunia ini lah dan kamu tidak perlu bersusah payah mencipta lagu. Dasar maling pemalas …

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