Yasmin Ahmad no more…

Ombak Jahat. The first time I saw this advertisement, I envy what God had given Yasmin Ahmad so unconditionally: talent to touch millions of Malaysian hearts. Tonight, she returned home to her Maker. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh beliau. Amin, amin, amin…


5 thoughts on “Yasmin Ahmad no more…

  1. Yasmin was one of the very few who dared, ever so subtly, via her chosen medium,to extoll the virtue of oneness, of a truly unified Malaysian society,and to make each and everyone of us of us ask…”but why isn`t that happening here?”.She chose not to sweat the small stuff, but rather,emphasised to all of us that at our very core, we are all one,that we can transcend our differences in race, religion, lingua franca,culture etc, and that we do indeed share the same passion, joy and pain in this place that we call our country.Therein lies her endearing greatness.In her short but memorable life, she did more to keep the embers of national unity, and the faith in the goodnss of the human race, glowing,measured against those whose exhortations of the same seem so hollow and full of hypocrisy, just for the sake of playing up to the gallery.

    Al-fatihah & may her soul rest in peace!

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