Lake Club do: A very late entry…

Last Monday, I rushed off from my client’s office – leaving him gagging in confusion – to go to Lake Club for dinner hosted by Puteri Kamaliah. Puteri and her other half, Pak Abu, love feeding people with excessive food. Just take my word for it, they did that to me twice! Worse, they never let me pay. I don’t know where to hide my face sometimes. 

The moment I stepped into the Chinese restaurant at Lake Club, a revelation smacked me cruelly on the face: everybody dressed up. The only other guest in jeans and and shirt was Rocky. Noooooo! Imagine the horror? I mean Rocky looks fine in jeans but I, on the other hand, cannot pull off any sense of style at all in the denim. 

Of course, ladies like Ida Hariati walked around the dinner table like supermodel. Why do I even bother then? 

Anyway, it was a magical night all right. The guests of honor, Kak Teh and Awang Goneng, were as pleasant as ever. I still shy away from talking to Awang Goneng. He is so soft-spoken and gentlemanly, I am sure he will faint of shock every time I open my mouth to speak. 

The food was good. I don’t think anyone really care about food for they only want to talk, talk and talk. Kings and Queens of karaoke box serenaded us all with songs after the dinner. Kak Puteri sang like an angel. But of course, the best performance of the night went to Aishah whose performance of Dancing Queen got the ladies on their feet. Fun, fun, fun! 

No comment on the poco-poco though, for its mathematical steps are still a foreign concept for me to grasp. 

And this blog has indisputably crossed the line of being boring as it is already. So let’s take a peep at some pictures of a very, very happy moments – well, to us all at least. 

By the way, the highlights of the night for me: I got to sit next to Dalilah (yeay!); meeting the lady whose smile is so intoxicating, Mammasita Mammamia and Dato’ Sakmongkol; to share few lighthearted moment with the crazy cat lady, Cat in Sydney; to meet Kay Leeda, Tireless Mom and Fatimah Abu Bakar of Akademi Fantasia’s fame in person; to meet Dato’ Jaff other half. 

The best of them all… I finally met Anak si Hamid in person whose writing I adore so much. I read her blog all the time but dare not leave of comment with my crass English. But it was such an honor. 

Enough of your inane blabbering, woman!

Mambang Hijau, Darling (Raden Galoh) and yours truly grinning like an oyster. Tak maintain habis!

Standing from left: Darling, Tireless Mom, Kay Leeda, the Host, Kak Teh and Datin Mammasita. Seating from left: Cat in Sydney and mua. 

Teka mana satu Anak si-Hamid? When I told her my age, she shoohed me away with: “You are a baby! What are u doing here?” Huhuhuhuhhuhuh!

Dato’ Sakmongkol & Datin Mammasita. Check out that award-winning smile of hers. 

The ladies rocked the house. Check out the Mak Aji singer. Nak kena frown upon by the Majlis Agama for conduct unbecoming of Mak Aji. LOL!

The shot of everyone taken by Pak Abu. He claimed he’ll snap the picture since he is not a ‘global’. 

Special thanks to Kak Puteri and Pak Abu. To everybody, I had a ball that night, you guys rock!


11 thoughts on “Lake Club do: A very late entry…

  1. Elviza,
    Just to remind you age is not a pre-condition for cerebral excellence. I have lived long enough to observe that. You young ‘uns have got loads between the ears, so keep up with the writing.
    Do write in with your comments. I am not critical of what you call ‘crass’ English. After all it’s not our mother tongue. I come down hard on shallow and sloppy thinking – what youngsters today describe as crap.
    And you’re a lovely ‘baby’.

  2. Ahhh..Elviza..agree with’re a lovely baby.. cheeky-faced, mischievous looking and all.
    We all yang lama ni actually segan kat you..entah brapa lah you bagi markah kat we all..hahaha

    And I accept wholeheartedly and with lots of thanks the ‘smiling’ award pulak dapat oscar for lighting up the table terang benderang with your jokes and banters!

    Dato’ soft-spoken?? Ahhhemm..thank you..hahaha

    And you looked gorgeous and trendy in your casual jeans and t-shirt!

    O was a night to remember! Fantastic!!

  3. Hi Elviza. You rock!!! Glad to meet you. Actually my first time here but have come across your column in MM besides saw you left your trails at others’ blog.

    I think Pak Guru Nik Aziz will be proud of you if he knows that a fellow Kelatanese have made the mark.

  4. Dear Elviza,

    Great to make acquaintance with you, dear. It is fun to be around you because you are very relax about yourself. I wanted to wear a pair of jeans too, but of course I’ve no guts to display my flabby thighs..hahahaha.

    I wish we could do this again la, best kan..

  5. fishing, sweetie? ;D

    you look cool and casual and fresh like newly-retus [or getuh, as orè kito ghoyak] pudina in that garden of bright malaysian flowers.

    bet rocky only managed to look laid-back scruffy in his nims. [sorry rock! i heard only gaymen like to be complimented on their attires]

    p.s. thanks for insider tip on how generous the abus are wrt to picking the check [matyank for ‘the bill’]!

  6. But we love feeding you because you’re so skinny!

    If the Majlis Agama people turn up to ‘tangkap’ me for keriauke, Elviza, Pak Abu says he’ll hire you to make noise at the court..LOL..

  7. Nice post… aku suka! sgt suka. Am okay already my fren…

    Kak Puteri, I told the last time, whenever Dalilah is with Elviza, the world rocks (lupa diri!) Hahahaha…

    The food, the companions, the songs, the dances are all wonderful kak puteri dear… I thought I wanted to see this young lass the beautiful babey did her poco-poco dance but so cheechy she was she ran and had a puff! Haaaih!

    Anyway, Mish thank you for writing this piece. My timing not that right nak post mine lah… Kak Puteri and Pak Abu, jangang lah ingak saya lupe nak ucap terima kasih ye… hak tu daung keladi kak! Hahahaha

  8. Ello new fren!! Sorry a little late at leaving my comments. rock daaa that nite at Lake Club:) And that control “ayu” depan Rocky, it worked huh? Heh..heh… 😀

    Really glad I sat next to you that night. You are such a natural, you know. Gempaq, kecoh semua ada lah. It had me smiling all the way to Ho Chi Minh City the next morning. Thank you to Kak Puteri & Pak Abu for having us. Thank you..thank you everyone (duh…bunyi macam terima award plak lah)

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