Court’s Anecdote

Pssstttt! Let me tell you what happened to me in court this morning. 

“Where’s your common plan, counsel?” The judge asked. His face – well, let’s just be kind and say – ‘unfriendly’.

Great, now is the time for you to just evaporate into thin air, Elviza. Harry Potter ‘s scenes came flashing to mind. 

“Errr, I haven’t filed it in Yang Arif. The office has a bit of backlog with the valuer.” Brickitty, brickitty, bollocks

“Let’s see… you manage to publish your column every week without fail, write your blog like there’s no tomorrow but you have no time to file your common plan?” He furrowed his eyebrows closer, the glasses perched on the lower part of his nose bridge, the eyes bored into mine. 

Gulp! Die, die, die!

Hang on a minute, it’s bad enough I have to face judges in the morning, now I have to remember they read blogs too?

That, my friend, is what we call ‘occupational hazard’. Err, Judge, if you are reading this, I’ll do as you asked immediately. 


15 thoughts on “Court’s Anecdote

  1. Kak, lama tak comment.

    Pssst… the judge is your fan! Well, you know what to do, kan? Try “gedik.” Works all the time.

  2. Haha…too funny.

    I’d want to suggest that you cheekily replied “Would you like an autograph?”, but then I’m afraid you might be held in contempt of court. 😉

  3. Hai Elviza,
    So now you know what the judge do when alone in chmaber hehee. Surfing the blogs.Give him your five cute winks!!

  4. I echoed Mek Yam’s comment. Kantoi! hahaha. Man, I can’t even imagine what was in your head/mind when he said that to you. I bet your your face was red sbb all the blood naik ke atas.

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