Stairway to Heaven

I have not been writing; I have been practising law. I don’t like it but I have got to do it. My soul is dying an untimely death. I found the picture at Sharon Bakar’s blog, Bibliobibuli, last night. 

Wish I could sit on this stairway to heaven forever. Will be right back when things die down in the office. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. 


10 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven

  1. Elviza, I know, I know U are a lawyer but it does not mean that you could not have another life. Take it easy and you should continue to enjoy life and live to the golden age.

    BTW I do not think it is right to put books under the stair where one keep stepping on. It should be up there some where.

    Have a nice day.

    Pak, when you practice and juggling motherhood at the same time, it is rather difficult to find a balancing act. I am still trying.

    Yeah, I got a lot of comments saying its not right to put books that way.

  2. Brilliant use of space here! What a delightful picture – it warms the heart to see something like this.

    This Led Zeppelin anthem – would you believe that I’m downloading songs from this particular album right now (with a rustic picture of an old man carrying a bundle of sticks on his back). My favourite lines at towards the end of this song:

    “When all are one and one is all… To be a rock and not to roll”

    Isn’t that so Mat? It warms my heart immensely to look at this picture.

  3. Ah si peguam yang mahu menulis. Apakata kau tulis sahaja cerita peguam yang tidak mahu jadi peguam atau hakim yang tidak enjoy jadi hakim.

    p.s. mak kata jangan langkah buku, nanti bodoh 40 hari. 😛

    Jadi peguam ada hari bagus, ada hari bleggghhh. Hari ini hari blgeeehhhh. Yer ker gitu? I thought kalau tak baca baru jadi bodoh, no?

  4. Lady, You need to go back to Kote Baru and ask Nik Aziz if you are qualified to enter Heaven. If not, then you got case to fight!

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73
    Sir, even if I got a case to fight, I won’t fight Nik Aziz. He’s too nice. 🙂

  5. Lady, You need to go back to Kote Baru and ask Nik Aziz if you are qualified to enter Heaven. If not, then you got case to fight!

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  6. I hope the books will not suffer in anguish or pain as they are stepped on. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al Kareem to you too.

    I know! Books have feelings too right? What were these people thinking? 🙂 Salam Ramadhan to you too.

  7. agree with Eskapisminda. kill more than one of those pesky birds. write about practising law or the pain thereof. 😀

    on another note…

    i see that stairways as a “divinely-inspired” use of space.

    the idea of being loth to step over things became moot way back when men decided to make multi-storey living spaces. in any case, the earth is round. more things than books have passed under our steps. ;D

    Mek Yam,
    It is quite hard to write about practising law without stepping on the boundary of confidentiality. But I will try to avoid that at all cost, let’s stick to funny anecdotes shall we?

    True, the earth is round. I like that 🙂

  8. OOOOO Elviza, I am loathe to step over books, tak kisahlah buku apa pun. Rasa macam tak betullah buat bookshelves kat dalam recesses of the staircase macam ni….

    Iye Kak! I hear you!

  9. elviza,

    I love reading. I’m passionate about books. I’ve enjoyed that since I was a child. Been lucky to have lived abroad when I was young and able to enjoy great book stores. And then, great libraries.

    But, I don’t know about this staircase….I’m not sure if I want to be keeping books that way….I guess to each her own, eh?

    Sister Witch,

    Ah, we all enjoy books. Good books, so-so books, lousy books… they are all books. I still hide in book stores only libraries I rarely frequent post law school.

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