I was invited to the launching of Blog4FT on the eve of Aidilfitri via e-mail from the Ministry of Federal Territory. Blog4Ft is essentially a writing contest. You have to blog positively (do take note of the adjective, that is if you hope to win) about the three Federal Territories in Malaysia. 

The FT’s minister and his deputy where there at the launching together with bloggers Syed Akbar Ali,  Rocky Bru, Shanghai Stephen and a dear friend, Eskapisminda. Of course representatives from the sponsors were present too. 

Okay, other half’s friend, Bullet, was there too. I think he was among the sponsors. Never had time to clarify that. 

Personally, I think this is a good effort. They ask you to write for a contest and if you win, they’ll give you presents. How can that be bad? Write Away, peeps!

For details on the contest, click HERE

P/S: Macam kenal jer encik yang posing habis nih?


9 thoughts on “Blog4FT

  1. Personally I think it’s an excellent idea. At least the Ministry is trying to be innovative about using blogs websites etc to engage the people instead of your usual “Let’s ban this lot” approach.

    And what’s there to lose? Nothing? It’s a win-win for everyone.

  2. kak, is that you sitting next to Zaf and in front of Khai? Heh.


    I hope and wish I am that pretty and young. Me thinks she s probably Tg Zafrul’s guest. I was actually shooting the other half’s friend, Bullet. He sat next to Zafrul. Heh back.

  3. Like Iron Butterfly, I had also thought it was you in that picture. The last one – Cucu Tok Selampit is in it, right? I love events, venues, people and posts like these. The place oozes materialism and prices at a premium; which is justified by the quality provided… usually. Not that I frequent such outlets though. However, I have no issues with their existence, and with those fortunate to be the clientele. After all, the means that enables them to patronise cafes with coffee at RM15 per mug is `kurnia’ from Allah; and their doing so supports quite a few jobs. And the people present – don’t know who is who except for one or two. But they are the people who spend hours in front of a computer who often come up with writings that move me. Yes, I’m comfortable with all of this and hope to attend a similar event when the opportunity arises.

  4. Elviza

    Bullet’s a friend of Jefree? Bullet budak Macoba tu kan? If so, then Nawwar knows him.. they have mutual friends and used to hang out together..

  5. “By mearly wishing to be a writer you do not become once but by writing everyday you will and can become a good writer”……….

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