Court’s Anecdote IV

Last week, all the way from home to court, I was fervently wishing for the #Bendera invasion to happen. I was sure to get trashed in court again (of course by my own fault, but let’s not dwell on self-pity, shall we?), and the only way to save my soul from eternal damnation – that is being scolded in front of the public gallery – was for the invasion to happen.

As the clock ticked on, my hope was fast diminished. Some problems with the boats, #Bendera had to postpone their invasion indeterminately. I was so informed by the devoted tweeples on Twitter. Such was my luck.

As I dragged my feet to face the music at Shah Alam High Court, I did a 180-degree turn remembering that the civil high courts had been shifted to Menara MRCB.

Got into MRCB in no time after terrorising the guard-on-duty with my merciless stare when I parked right beside the lift lobby. Or sue me already!

Lo and behold! I wasn’t going to get thrashed that day. Everybody was so disoriented (read: bloody lost) in the new compound. And the Judge had a part-heard case; she had no time to waste on small cikus like me. *Dancing like a goon!*

What’s worth writing here that hope now beacons onto Shah Alam’s courts: the entire structure and chambers and cases are now digitised. Perhaps we will soon see the end of “files not listed” horror. They are moving on with the technology and I was the happiest lawyer that day.

P/S: In the event that the judge did thrash me last week, you will not read this update. Heh. 


9 thoughts on “Court’s Anecdote IV

  1. Another exciting day in the life of fair-version of Rumpole. BTW, I was looking forward to the buluh runcing invasion. Oh well…

  2. Been ages since i last came in here.. my apologies, been so malas to bloghop in the past year. My own blog is very rarely updated these days. Bz bz bz..

    I soooooo understand that feeling where u wish for some catastrophe to happen just so you can escape some impending doom in the courtroom. I can even relate even more to the ensuing feeling when you realise that you’ve been spared!! Like a burden being lifted off your shoulders, eh?
    Been there countless times. Happy that I don’t have to go thru all that anymore these days.

  3. Yes, was really looking forward to the invasion too, want to see how sakti they were…but since they are supposed to have magical power, why do they need boat? (scratch head)

  4. Elviza,
    learn from the mistake. Don’t ever let that happen again.
    The next time you have such a problem, you send an imposter such as Pak Zawi to take over your job. It would be fun to take a trashing from a Judge in court especially if he happens to be my ex classmate. You know who right?.

  5. Selamat hari Raya Kak. Dulu kan, I have to go back to Malaysia after graduation and I really don’t want to say good bye to this one person and I wished my flight is cancelled. Even when it did took off, I wished that it would developed engine problem or hit some birds and has to turn back. But as always, the bad things would never happen when you really need it kan. A few years down the road, I am glad the plane took off as planned and I said that goodbye.

  6. Darn, why do I always notice my grammatical errors only after I hit enter? A bambu runcing will come in handy at this time…

  7. ..with you, there, Elviza..happened to everyone of us..only time, places and personalities many had not danced like a goon before on getting respite..?:)

  8. A bit late with the comment although I had read this post soon after it was sent. I don’t think I had mentioned this before: rather than write fiction [only people `like me’ might be able to – and you know `the reason’;-) ], why not expand this “Court’s Anecdote” into a book? The tone is there, and you already have enough content in your head to produce one.

    And what experience do I have in writing a book? The same as you, which is `not written one – yet – but have heard and read enough to go around dishing unsolicited expert advice’. Write a couple of chapters – they need not be the first two in the eventual book – and send it to someone to read and comment.

    Now this someone must be honest enough to say what he really thinks of the chapters (not one who’ll say “Very good, Brilliant!”; not knowing you had `umpan’ him with what Luqman had actually written). At the same time, he must also be “kind enough” – not “brutally, laser sharp, frank and honest” – to make sure you understand what the strong and weak parts are while at least preserving your enthusiasm to continue. If you still aren’t clear – Send it TO ME.

    You don’t have to stop writing at this blog, with the excuse that you are working on a book. Write similar posts – but immediately expand that into “book content”. Fair trade here.

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