My Obligation

Once in a while a photo like this emerged, renewing my faith deeper, giving me a stern reminder about the pillar of my religion: prayers.

While not being the most pious person on earth, and in chasing my ridiculous ambition – which is often misguided if I’m being honest – I sometimes forsake my duty to God. 

This shot was taken by my brother-in-law, Abang Hafiz, who is working in Doha, Qatar. I stole the photo from his album titled Surfing in Dune; he named the snapshot My Obligation

Abang Hafiz also went to umrah last Ramadhan. While he was at it, he prayed for Ayah. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. And I will be the happiest daughter if I could follow Abang Hafiz’s footstep next year, InsyaAllah. 


5 thoughts on “My Obligation

  1. Ya this isnormal situation in doha , mostly if you go to the sand dune. ……the beauty of the nature remind how small i am**eventhough i ni mmg kecik pung**.

  2. That’s for NEXT year.
    In the meantime, thought you might be interested in this piece I had read just now:
    [Cut & Pasye]
    Books Must Be Written, Not Talked

    In a longish life as a professional writer, I have heard a thousand masterpieces talked out over bars, restaurant tables and love seats. I have never seen one of them in print. Books must be written, not talked.
    [End of Cut & Paste]

    Very true, of course. Anyway, if you follow the link above, there are other links at this site on the left. I’ve seen some really great articles by various writers at the end of the links here.

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