Zorro has a date?

My friend who is also an intrepid blogger, Zorro, is called for questioning at Commercial Crime Department, Bukit Aman Police Station, today at 3 pm. Lawyer  Haris Ibrahim of People’s Parliament will be there as his counsel. 

Okay, I don’t care about his flaming blog, neither do I give a hoot about  his political inclination, but Zorro is a friend. He has the biggest heart I’ve ever been privileged to know. And no friend of mine should be subjected to any harm. 

He texted me about it, and the Star just confirmed it. Read here

Let’s hope it is just a questioning – and a friendly one while they are at it.


3 thoughts on “Zorro has a date?

  1. Sis Elviza,
    You are the kind of friend who stand up for another regardless of differences in opinion. I salute you for accepting people as they are without conditions.

    Well, am back from China. It has clearly departed from its ancient past. Today, it’s embracing the world and believes in community building with its neighbours.

    Foreign languages are very popular in the universities. Malay study attracts a lot of interest among its students. I taught the student volunteers some simple Malay and greeting. Also taught them Rasa Sayang. I left them red-eyed during farewell.

    Their teacher thanked me for encouraging them. One of the students said I opened up the world for her. She had begun to see the world of possibilities. Her limitations had become a hurdle to be crossed.

    Because I couldn’t speak Mandarin, they looked after me like a hawk. There were moments I was out of their sight, they panicked.

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