Big Bad Book Sale is BACK!

I heard  from two reliable sources that a local bookstore chain plans to boycott this event. The reason would be (this is my wild guess) because this event sells dirt-cheap books.

So cheap they were that during the 1st BBBS last May, I spent all the money in my wallet buying books. I didn’t stop there, when cash ran out, I abused the credit card. It was really that cheap. 

Of course, being a true “kepochi” by default, I have to write an open letter to the local bookstore chain. Here goes: 

Dear Ingorant Bookstore (its not you Kino, now get out of the way), 

I find it perplexing if a little bizarre that you want to boycott the Big Bad Book Sale event, scheduled to take off on November 26, 2009. 

I don’t have to tell you that books in Malaysia are expensive, and people would rather buy pirated dvds than books. Now, now, I also know you are running a business – which means money is your god of religion – but have you no compassion at all?

Books are the windows to one’s house. Books pave the way for people to acquire knowledge, seek solace and share information. Books are the cheaper form of traveling. Books are a way of life. Must I really rave on like a lunatic to drum these into your skull?

If the BBBS is a yearly or twice yearly event, why should it be your concern? 

I have been spending countless hours at your store where the disposition of your retail stuff is mediocre at best. They don’t care about books; they don’t care about the readers. Why should I, then, care about you or your ill-grounded boycott?

People at BookExcess and BBBS are books lovers. They take the trouble to pick suitable titles for you upon being asked; they could chat about a book for hours on end. Now, that’s what we call a good customer-service. You should learn a thing or two from them. 

True, you give me discount from time to time, and I am not saying I will never go to your store again, but if you proceed with the boycott it shows just one thing: shallow level of maturity. 

Signing off, your loyal customer. 

Friends & foes: See you there at the Big Bad Book Sale in Amcorp Mall from November 26.


9 thoughts on “Big Bad Book Sale is BACK!

  1. Dear Mish,

    I totally agree with you. The last time I went to BBBS, I spent a little money and got a lot of books and I loved them all. Was waiting for this event again. Not forgetting that Book Xcess is a wonderful place to hang out and find cheap books for me to read.

    See you at the BBBS!

  2. This is interesting… will surely drop by… btw, if you are scouting the book sale galore, please drop by at my kiosk at level 1 ya sis… and you know I do my flea market biz only on Saturday kan?

  3. A book tightly shut is like a block of paper.

    2 sides to a coin regarding big discounts. On one side is the consumers who clamour for best bargain. On the other hand, the big companies could use its dollar power to kill smaller players and in the end will become a monopoly. then the consumers will be at its mercy. Nobody does a losing business.

    yes, i agree books in malaysia very pricey. My solution is to borrow from public library.

  4. Hi there, I came from Dalilah’s blog. I agree with you, books are very expensive and our library is not exciting enough. My children love books and we spend too much on them but reading is a great habit, my only regret is the cost is high, otherwise, the kids would have even more books. Thank you very much for this infor as I will definitely be there with the kids for this big sale. Happy day ahead.

  5. I have this nasty feeling in my gut that I am going to whack the shit out of this kingpin who is boycotting this project. I abhor whoever worships money to deprivbe us of our reading rights (rites?).
    good post sayang.

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