Bridge to (my own) Terabithia

Whenever the tides of the world go asunder; whenever my going gets tougher; whenever I am at the lowest ebb of the lows; whenever being a lawyer is totally shit; whenever the writing world roars it monstrous head to my direction… it is perhaps time for me to return to my Secret Tree House.

Just like Jess and Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia, I have my own secret kingdom to hide from this judgmental world we live in.

Will be right back, folks. 

Postscript: Climbing with me straight  to the Secret Tree House are  the books, Jalan Lain Ke Syurga and Snow by Orhan Pamuk.


4 thoughts on “Bridge to (my own) Terabithia

  1. I wish I can do the same, and hide away somewhere. As I need 110 percent concentration to counter the “reviewers from hell”. Enjoy your escapade. Can we expect a book review, or two, anytime soon?

  2. Love the movie, love your writing more. It’s been a long time since last I flipped through your pages here. Lotsa stuff to read… Wish you all the best with your ‘Secret Kingdom’.

  3. Aku nak tumpang pokok sampai 30 Nov. Lepas tu aku tanam pokok aku sendiri. Oh wait, no need. There is a Garden there. Yippee?

  4. Hey, I remember that pix! It’s one of the nicest I’ve seen here – BRILLIANT! I might actually write verses and poems (which will be the very first time in my life; no kidding) if I look at a bigger image of that, at night. BUT writing those won’t see anything debited to my bank account… so it’s back to “bread and butter writing” again. Sigh…

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