Of Love & Far Eastern Economic Review

I was sipping a cup of latte while waiting for friends when jodoh came a calling. Only it wasn’t that simple. The first time I laid eyes on my other half, I was annoyed beyond comprehension with his sexist remark. I was browsing a copy of Far Eastern Economic Review in hand when Jefree and few others were the first to reach Dome KLCC that fateful evening. 

Shortly after being formally introduced to each other, he had this to say: 

“Eh, apa budak perempuan baca magazine macam nih? Bacalah Vogue ke, Cosmo ker !” The statement was followed by cynical laughters from him and his clan. 

Oh, I hated his guts back then; I still hate it at times now. But recently, on November 24th, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Such is life. 

Postscript: I am mourning the death of Far Eastern Economic Review which will no longer be in publication


13 thoughts on “Of Love & Far Eastern Economic Review

  1. ..ahh..lady..I have always contented that the line that divides between love and hate is so fine, its impossible for the likes of damsels and youths so afflicted to see..for it is out of hate comes love..blooming sweet and pure..irregardless of stench..happy belated anniversary, lady..may it endures with bounty and grandchildren a-plenty..

  2. Selamat Ulang Tahun Kawin-Kawin babe!

    Love and hate barulah cukup rempah kan. Kalau tak, tak cukup rempah – tawar hebe. Lepastu lama-lama jadi mual. Lepastu lama-lama muntah. So love and hate is the best! 😉

    Probably that was what edeared you to him….you literary choices was outside the box.
    TO MANY MORE YEARS…..and when is the next addition coming?

  4. happy anniversary!

    anyway, seriously? was that remark really made? you guys are the McDonalds generation. That sets you apart from the older generation where sexism reigned and probably still does.

    but…all’s well that ends well.

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