Court’s Anecdote V

This morning, I saw two senior lawyers literally fighting for their chance to speak before the judge. The judge looked appalled; I was appalled. 

It then dawned on me, on this rainy Friday morning, to consider leaving this profession for good. I am not cut for this cut-throat, kiasu, who’s-first-is-therefore-the-greatest kind of job. 

What would I do for money? Oh, I’ll think about it. Somehow, somewhere, I sort it out… I always do.


9 thoughts on “Court’s Anecdote V

  1. ..come to Bachok, lady..relax by Pantai Irama..set up a restaurant ‘Elviza’s Place’ and specialised in seafood..pakmat captain cum cashier…take in the sea breeze…wake up to glorious sun-rises and sleep to the soft murmur of waves lapping beach…evenings jogging at water edge..end it with a cool glass of fresh young coconut juice..capped with a twist of lemon…and your beloved besides you…ahh…..and if you want, pakmat reciting poetry from Keats to Blake…or strumming the guitar whilst singing ‘You are always on my mind’…your choice..:)…cheers..

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  3. You should be in knife business. Set up a hut at the KLHC’s parking lot and sell the knives there.

    I’m sure business will be brisk. What’s with lawyers backstabbing each other as well as disgruntled clients looking for swift justice against their incompetence lawyers.

  4. Hey….you used to be that “kiasu” cut throat litigator urself…what happened? you just need to find that edge again! dont waste the talent babe

  5. admirable. many would have had the same thoughts but for you to actually give it serious consideration, now that’ something.

    be true to yourself, and the rest would just follow suit.

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