Of dead authors & a friend

Not so long ago, my fella & I were entertaining our close friends over dinner. As the story goes, one of our oldest friends, lets name him Azrul, asked for permission to perform his obligatory margrib prayer. Since the boy colonizes the living and dining room with his stuff (read: toys without substance) I brought Azrul to the library, where stillness usually reins over the sound of television sets.

Here goes the conversation after that:

“Did you read all of these books?” Azrul started asking, curiosity stamped all over his eyes.


“What’s the scale? 70% of it?” He wasn’t going to let me off the hook easily.

“Slightly more, probably 95% of it.” 

“Did you know that almost all of the authors here are dead?” He pursued his inquisitiveness  relentlessly.

“That’s not true, Samad Said is still alive. So does Harper Lee,” I corrected his stand, “besides, they don’t really die, they still talk to me sometimes.

“I worry about you, really, I do. They have medical specialist for the likes of you.” Azrul sniggered before he started laughing.

“What? You want to send me to some crazy asylums because I read?”

“No, not because you read. Reading is good. It’s your obsession with it that’s not healthy, you know?”

Oh, shut it Mr. I-Know-It-All!

“You need to go out more. Smell the grass, live your life. Don’t get hooked with all these dead loonies.” He added while looking like Plato’s ghost, talking about life. At this point, I was quite ready to delete his name from our expected guest list.

On an afterthought, is it true that obsession on any platform is not healthy? I don’t know, you tell me. 


8 thoughts on “Of dead authors & a friend

  1. It is healthy as a healthy person can be. Everyone is born is an obsession.The compulsive one is the one that unhealthy.


    How do I know the limit to unhealthy ones?

  2. A doctor friend of mine tell me that when you start hearing voices, insanity has set in. But you don’t hear voices, right? Ma’am? There are no voices, right? 🙂


    Uh? Hrmmmm, tsk tsk tsk…

  3. tanpa obsesi. apalah hidup.


    Aku tambah sikit: apalah hidup tanpa obsesi, muzik, seni, sastera dan kemanusian? 🙂

  4. My two-sen worth, girl..

    Go on, talk to as many dead authors as you care/want to. Include even more illustrious literatis in your ‘dead authors’ chat forum’.. try some poets too while you’re at it.. (Psstt, if ever they let you in on some writing tips, be sure to share with me, ok?)

    On to another topic: About that TV set I told you about; it has to happen soon..

    Kak Puteri (or shd I write ‘Hajah Puteri’ instead?),

    ROTFLOL. Yeah, tonight when I meet that dead Steinbeck, will ask him tips for u. Hang on, you okay with that dead loony right?

  5. Aku kan dah cakap, kalau kau rasa nak tulis benda2 yang macam ni, call aku dulu. Sekarang aku dak kena kutuk kat ofis sebab ada kawan gila. Tak berhati perut betul!

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