Pig’s head at mosques

First they burnt churches, then they torched mosque, then they threw pig’s head. I have nothing of substance to say or shout at. Rather, I am calling upon my friends and foes to keep calm. We can’t force education and values on stupid heads. What’s paramount, we must NEVER let them win.

But for once, I feel like raising Luqman back in Tanah Rendah Sekebun Bunga, away from these hatred and insanity. Last words: Jadilah insan yang dapat membezakan yang mana hak, yang mana BATIL.

The report first sighted from @KhairyKJ’s tweet and Malaysian Insider.


6 thoughts on “Pig’s head at mosques

  1. its a sad.. sad.. state now..

    before we are so ‘one’ about everything like nowadays.. we’r not so ‘open’ like this..
    maybe.., when u are so close to each other (until u become One)only u reveal your true colors..

  2. whoever was behind the churches bombings and the pg head tossing is “they” . pretty smart……

    Of course whoever that was behind it has to first pretend to be angels in the public eyes….. to avoid suspicion

  3. O_O best way to avoid it all is to remain peaceful and press on for a true unification
    between the races…. why ill people break what our ancestors worked for for like over 50 years…….

    Perhaps a collaboration or talk between head of religions of all races should begin to commence…. just to ensure everything is cleared out .

    As well as sending a message to the public for unity…. I am pretty sure every Malaysian has some what dream of being truly united despite our differences.

    I think we should all pray for the peace in Malaysia regardless of our religion …..

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