Sleepless in Hyatt

(Originally written in Hyatt Teluk Cempedak,  February 14, 2010. Balcony. Room 2404)

Nights like this. The waves crashing the shore, the smell of burning meat from the BBQ pit down at the 2nd pool, permeates the air. Thousands of  stars in the sky. The boy is deep in slumber, the father out to have a drink with some friends. No other sound, just the beating of my heart and the thought in my head.

I’m back here – one of the most sacred corners of my heart. Jefree and I used to come here during the first year of our marriage. The following visits that ensued were dotted with Luqman’s presence, a joy of which is still indescribable.

I flip the pages of the Moleskine, holding a pencil which bizarrely still in my fingers. Should I write about matters of the heart in the heat of Valentine’s night? Or should I continue with the never-going-to-be-finished manuscript?

Nah… I am just going to sit here until sleep comes a calling. Goodnight, sleepless in – where ever you are.


5 thoughts on “Sleepless in Hyatt

  1. My 1st time here. I m impressed becoz so scarce a word can touch my feminine heart. Been there coupla times with my frens. But despite the ambience I can’t write like this. May be its true when they say u have to write fr ur heart. U’ve got it going Eliza!

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