The Launch of HSBB

No, its not Hongkong & Shanghai Bank Berhad, folks! High Speed Broadband has arrived on your shore. I will tweet live from Dataran Merdeka tonight from my Twitter account  — @elviza — at 8 p.m. 

A little trivia about the launch: 

TM To Launch HSBB Retail Service March 24

KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 (Bernama) — Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) will launch its next-generation high-speed broadband (HSBB) retail service at Dataran Merdeka here on March 24.

In a statement, TM said the launch would feature showcases and interactive exhibitions to demonstrate the high-speed broadband lifestyle.

“The launch venue will be opened from 7.00pm onwards and the HSBB showcase and interactive exhibitions will remain at Dataran Merdeka until Thursday evening (March 25).

“These showcases will feature multimedia applications for entertainment — including interactive games and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV),” it said.

TM invites the public to see, touch and feel the exhibits and showcases to experience how it will be like to live and work in a high-speed broadband-enabled environment.

The viewing times for the showcases are: March 24 (7.00pm-10.30pm) and March 25 (8.00pm-10.00pm).

There will also be entertainment and activities like games and contests, lucky draws and open air concerts featuring Bunkface, Aizat, Pop Shuvit, Faizal Tahir, Tomok and Stacy.

To mark the countdown to the launch, Menara TM will be lit up every evening from Mar 18, with a graphical countdown projection beam depicting the number ‘1’ of 1Malaysia leading up to the gala launch date.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will be the guest of honour at the main event in Dataran Merdeka were he will launch both the National Broadband Implementation (NBI) initiative and TM’s HSBB service — which is also one of the NBI’s flagship initiative.


5 thoughts on “The Launch of HSBB

  1. “netbook package bundled w/ streamyx for USP areas starting at RM20/month” — Now this one sounds good. Hope you’ll write about this launching – what are your thoughts? Here’s an idea – write about this for Sinar Harian.
    Okay, have to go — cari makan by editing one article, send it [check ada janda yang online at Yahoo Messenger or not], Shutdown… and then lie down to read the Discovery magazine I had bought a few days ago.

  2. As usual ,am the first on the q …they are setting one in my house in Subang on 29th..hehehe…good bye to all slow snail netizen subjects….hehehe i love this bragging right.

    Or should i read you as you are typing this?…as we the highspeeder love to say to all of you

    he he he i cant stop laughing

  3. uh-huh since when the HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad aka HSBC became HSBB? sudah tukar ker?ahehe

    Anyways broadband or high speed broadband or not still if the lazy fats cat who got the monopoly continue their laughably speed and caps policy to limit the usage then it’s still far from that standard really. Look at the Sg as vis a vis our broadband packages as well as their pricing structure. They are far more cheaper and faster!

    This problemo is by all mean not new really, say the old timer, Time dotCom Bhd who’s manage the Malaysia’s first and biggest fiber optics network since more than a decade ago was rotted in hell with billion of investment at stake. Then when the bleeding corporation in the eve of dead the gomen chips in and save the days with tax’s payer Ringgit of course. Should they utilize the backbone wisely, we not only saving billions but could bring in billions investment and definitely the so call MSC initiative would be in better shape and many more surplus for sure…but then we need to pamper our fats cats and the rest is history.

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