Sukhoi & Gong Kedak Military Airbase

On an invitation from Mindef, I spent the last Friday & Saturday visiting Gong Kedak’s TUDM Military Airbase. 1st time onboard military aircraft from TUDM Subang to Gong Kedak Airbase; 1st time in any military base at all; 1st time seeing fighter jets and real fighter pilots in action. The experience at Gong Kedak is enriching – and that is putting it mildly. 

On the other hand, informal chit-chat at the mess with Lieutenant Colonel Choy, puts to rest allegation that the military airbase is malfunctioned. And Sukhoi jets are something to be proud of. After all, we tax payers, helped pay for it. 

Special thank you goes to the political secretary to the defense’s minister, Shahrul. Not forgetting Major Marina together with the squadron at Gong Kedak for the hospitality shown to us. To Syed Akbar, Zakhir, Sager and Heikal: I had a fabulous time. 

I will write about the experience in my column, hopefully, by next week. In the meantime, I have  few images to share with you. 

I think Mindef’s willingness to embrace bloggers as part of the country’s media team is exemplary. Kementerian-kementerian lain bila lagi? 


17 thoughts on “Sukhoi & Gong Kedak Military Airbase

  1. Dear Elviza

    I hate you 🙂
    I absolutely hate you 🙂
    I hate you with a vengeance 🙂

    They should have invited me instead 😦


    They should right? But they didn’t. Life’s cruel – told u so before.

  2. owh… there are a lot of Russians too right? they all stay at my friend’s resort in Tok Bali and commute to Gong Kedak. to train our airforce flying Sukhoi, I suppose.

    Oh, your friend’s name is Datuk Siti Something right? Nice place she has at Villa Danialla. I told my friends her resort ‘cantik macam mimpi’

  3. yes. actually the daughter is my MRSM KT mate. auntie Dah (Dato’ Siti) is her mom. she always asked me to stay for the night each time i visit the beautiful resort but i never get the chance to sleep over there because dad won’t let me stay elsewhere other than our house if i go back to KB. sheesh.

    nati nok balik Kelate toksey oyak ko Dad, gi tido ssano teruh. haha.

  4. Amazing, right? Had the same opportunity and experience at that base with Col Suri in 2009 myself. Sukhoi is definitely breathtaking and the Gong Kedak base being in 2 states is also interesting!

  5. Dear Elviza,

    Suggest you write something on us…the forgotten ex-Nuri pilots. In the 70s’ when the country was then fighting the communist terrorists (CTs), we were the workhorse of the RMAF. It’s not wrong for me to say that we were the special breed of pilots whose lives were at the muzzle of the enemies’ weapons. Every time we flew to ops areas, in particular Gubir dan Kroh, we were unsure whether we’ll be back home safely.

    CTs main objective was to bring down the indispensible Nuri. They were successful on 26 April 1967 when a Nuri was shot down killing all the 11 on board. Platforms were built atop the trees with clear sight of the LPs. They had every opportunity of taking ‘pot-shots’ at the troops…but they never did it. When the Nuri was on the final approach or on the LP itself, then they trying firing.

    Think about it.

  6. It’s Datuk Siti Hamidah Hamat rght?. yeah look like a nice place minus the petak chess bathroom’s deco which is a bit awkward I must say.

  7. Dear mej. Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman

    I’m currently 18 year-old this year and wish to continue my study in airforce academy, i just wanna know how can i apply to be and airforce pilot?

    from Vince.

  8. Dear Elviza,

    I’m ex military boyz and in the midst of producing a special TV documentary programme regards to RMAF history, past and future generation…i need ur expertise to join my team, appreciate if we could work together to materialise this whole thing.

    Do buzz me at 0196007646/0129733657

    Mohamad Azli a.k.a Boombastic

    ~ cheers ~

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