Nota untuk Luqman

Luqman bintang hati kami,

It has been four years since you came into our life: four wonderful years. You can now speak fluently in both languages, think for yourself, and at times, eloquently phrase out your wants and demands:

You think dinosaurs are not extinct species.

You think Ultraman and Ben 10 really exist.

You think Play House Disney is heaven, and you want to live there.

You think Word World characters are geniuses on dancing spell. (I think so too, son.)

You think Tom and Jerry are whacking each other for real.

You think pop-out books are for babies, and you are just too big for it.

You think animals are your best friends; you couldn’t understand why are you not allowed to keep cats and dogs.

You told me: “Don’t worry Mommy, I’m gonna be fine…”

You asked your father: “What’s the big idea now, Pappa?”

But Luqman, you are my son, for that I will always worry. Your Uncle Remy, at the point when we revealed my pregnancy of you, had this to say: “Welcome to this point. It’s called the point when you will never stop worrying…”

I gulped the truth of that statement with heavy heart. I know I won’t stop worrying – being a worrywart that I am does not help at all. Deep inside, I also know you are going to be just fine because you are my son.

Roads ahead of you may be daunting, Luqman. But reward awaits for those who believe. I want you to believe; I need you to have faith for there’s a pot of gold for you at the end of the rainbow. Remember the leprechaun stories I read you?

Selamat Hari Jadi, Luqman. Mommy redhakan perjalanan hidup mu, anak ku. Dan sekiranya kamu memerlukan panduan dan nasihat, kamu hanya perlu menoleh ke kanan atau ke kiri, Papa dan Mommy ada di sini.


11 thoughts on “Nota untuk Luqman

  1. Awww Kak, that is the sweetest note ever if I’m Luqman I’ll run to you and give you a big bear hug. Happy Birthday to both of you. He is going to be a fine man one day, with a great mother like you to guide him along the way.



  2. Elviza,

    You are smoking, smoldering hot woman!

    I have a serious crush on you and your talents. Been following for years now and I am not afraid to say that you also have a big warm heart. That is not possible!

    Why are you married????????????????????????????????????

  3. What are you trying to imply here — that Ultraman isn’t real?! No, he’s genuine!…I’ve seen him on TV since the late `70’s. Tom and Jerry aren’t real… the need to use animation is proof of their non-existence. FACT: Ultraman isn’t animation; which means the recorded scenes are real. Without him, all those monsters would have destroyed Japan and then us too! Oh, you’ll probably also claim it’s “just a man wearing a rubber suit”. But how do you explain the FACT that he can FLY?? No, Luqman is right…

  4. Hi Elviza,

    For you, when pen meets paper, something magical happens! The kind that leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling that lingers on and on inside. Heh. 🙂

    Happy Birthday to both you and your lovely son. Many more good years together as a family, I pray.

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  6. I like this one…touching! n yes…being a parent brings worry in our lives- we just have to hope God will help us through it.

  7. Wait til he knows why Papa and Mommy are busy spending time in their bedroom and not joined him watching Ultraman…

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