Just a little note…

I have taken out the passport, money, credit card and DSLR from my bedroom drawers. I’ll be away for a while.

I am just tired, grouchy and this gnawing pain on my left shoulder blade will not go away. As such, this holiday is timely, monumental even, to make me feel human again.

The column in Sinar Harian will still be there (hopefully) every Wednesday, but I will take a break from blogging too.

Melancholy, as I have noticed time and again, has the tendency to extend its welcome should I dwell in it further.

I need a break from this crazy world we are living in. It’s just going to be me and the sound of my thoughts. Not forgetting my pencil and the Moleskine. Take care, folks.


6 thoughts on “Just a little note…

  1. There’s no better way to break free from this madness rather than being close to Allah swt…That is the only solution…even how far you try to go away but actually in your own house you can find your humanity…Just seek for Allah….

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