Conversation for Dalilah

Luqman: “Mommy, why are you crying?”

I stopped scrolling to immediately put the BlackBerry away. Stupid gadget bearer of stupid, sad news!

Me: “I am crying because I am sad about my friend.”

Luqman: Who is that?

Me: “My blogger friend, Dalilah. She’s fighting cancer now, son.”

Luqman: “What is cancer Mommy?”

Me: “Cancer is a bad disease who eats up people’s immune system, son. So you become very sick if you have cancer.” (What the hell are you talking about woman?)

Luqman: “Oooh?”

I smiled looking at those big innocent eyes, full of anticipation, inquisitiveness lay apparent.

Luqman: “Don’t be sad, mommy. I go kick cancer for your friend okay?”

Me: “You do that young man… just do that for my friend, will you?”

While I am busy charting life, traveling and planning to scale the globe in trivial pursuit to tell a story, my good friend, Dalilah, is busy fighting cancer instead. It has been months since I last met her. I am ashamed to call myself a friend.


One thought on “Conversation for Dalilah

  1. not to mention you have been neglecting ma puteri for just as long, honey. let me soothe your conscience, girl. come, we shall have coffee together with dalilah and whoever else she wants to have coffee with. how about it?

    Firstly, Kak Puteri, mintak ampun maaf sejuta kerana kebelakangan ini, jarang menjenguk blog kawan-kawan. Consumed with my heart’s desire, I have been busy plotting the way out of legal practice to travel and tell a story. The last time I spoke to Dalilah, she sounded upbeat & positive. Naively, I took it as good sign. So I went about my way.

    She called me earlier this week, asking for some quality time together, to which I replied “I am stuck in a meeting.” This selfish person is now kicking herself in the ass.

    I don’t think she’s up for coffee, she’s battling bouts of fever. I think I just drive to her place after work tomorrow. Or latest by Sunday. I don’t know.

    But if she’s up to have coffee, I go wherever it is that you plan to have the best coffee in town. Again Kak Puteri, I am so sorry for being out of touch lately. Please say the same to Pak Abu. *Inhaling deep long sigh of regret*

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