iTouch? iPad? iInsane I tell you!

(Update: Just to be fair, I should update this post. Ten minutes after I called Apple Store Malaysia, the outlet in BSC has been ringing my mobile non-stop. 24 missed called actually. I thought I let them wait a while, if I can wait for nine days, what is an hour to them? But this sms came: “This is a message from MacStudio regarding your iPod touch can be collected after 3 p.m. Please bring along your service requisition form.” Eh, boleh pulak settle in few hours? You SUCK MacStudio BSC!!)


If you are thinking to migrate from Windows to Macintosh: Go for it, it gives you cutting edge technology enhanced by sleek design.

I confess I am crazy about anything that genius Steve Jobs invented: iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook, iMac and now iPad.

To me, these soul-less gadgets actually enhance my life, not to mention my writing. There is only so much Moleskine can give… everything else in between the pencil and the acid-free page, Apple makes up for it.

But sometimes, it’s not the invention that matters, after-sale service speaks volume too.

That is why, I think, some people buy continental car instead of, oh well, Proton.

Whatever you do: DO NOT step into the MacStudio at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Go to the one in Bangsar Village II – Benny and his friends are exemplary in providing good after-sale service.

Whereas one, Mr. Tan, from BSC is not only rude but lies through his teeth too.

Tell me Tan: It takes nine working days to fix a faulty touch screen? You told me point blank that it would takes five working days. Come on… even my 4-year-old can do better than that.

Also, you said you would return my call. What happened there? Too busy, huh?

But Apple Store Malaysia has since fixed that. True to my belief, it does not take THAT long to replace a faulty product. What Tan should do is just lodge my customer requisition form onto the system.

Surprise, surprise! Kavi from Apple Store Malaysia could not find that form on the system. Typical Malaysian service!

What do you have to say for yourself, Tan?

I think I write another review about after-sale service of Apple products in my column next week, what say you? Timely to do so?

Oh, sue me already! *Fuming mad*


8 thoughts on “iTouch? iPad? iInsane I tell you!

  1. Elviza,

    I am an expat in KL. Also an Apple user for a long time. I have been to the store you complaint, and I found the sales reps to be rather ill informed and ignorant.

    I will try the outlet you suggest at BV 2. Thanks for sharing. As the saying goes: customer is king.

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  4. Customer service in Malaysia? Is there such a thing?
    Customer service in Malaysia means just a smile at you. I have long given up on an expectation of good customer service. That way I will not be too dissapointed.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

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