Conversation with Luqman

This post is dedicated to my ex-editor at Malay Mail, Madam Sheila Rahman, who just emailed me last night, asking for a story about my boy, Luqman. This morning, en route to his grandmother’s house, we had a little chat. Here’s the conversation in verbatim:

Luqman: Mommy, why is the sky blue?

Mommy: Errr… hmmm…???

Luqman: Tak pe, Mommy nak check dulu kan?

Mommy: Yep. I have to check the the encylopedia or google it. May be I just google, that’s easier. (Insert unsure tone here)

Luqman: Mommy, that’s like Mama Long’s car, right?  Yang kena curi tu? (while pointing to a Toyata Rush in front of us).

Mommy: Yep. Oh, you so smart, you remember everything.

Luqman: Yeah. I want to know everything, Mommy. Can I?

Mommy: You want to know everything about what, son?

Luqman: About this universe, about planet, about stars, about moon, about cars… Can I, Mommy?

Mommy: Of course you can, son. You have a whole life in front of you to figure that out.

Luqman: What you mean, Mommy?

And I just smiled away. I may have given birth to him, I may have burnt midnight oils to care for him. But I sure as heaven never taught him to speak like that. I love you, son.

P/S: Luqman is banned from touching the iPod Touch now. If you want to know the reason, you could call my mobile. LOL. Picture above of Luqman and his Papa during a picnic at Antares Magick River.


3 thoughts on “Conversation with Luqman

  1. You don’t have to google nor seek the encyclopedia to find the answer “Why the sky is blue”. The answers is in the Holy Quran, reading Quran in the the month of Ramadhan will feed your son’s knowledge.

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