Aidilfitri 2010


6 thoughts on “Aidilfitri 2010

  1. Sis Elviza,
    Sorry for the belated Aidil Fitri greetings.
    I just learnt the Chinese character for Islam consists of ‘pure’ and ‘truth’. Mosque is temple of pure and truth.

  2. klcitizen, thank you for your compliments. In Chinese, Islam is Ching Jen. Mosque in China is called Ching Jen Miao or Temple of Pure and Truth.
    I don’t know how to write Chinese character, but ‘pure’ carries deep meanings in the Chinese spiritual psyche.
    How does ‘pure and truth’ reconcile with surrendering to God? Human nature is corrupted to the core, therefore, the need to purify ourselves from greed, lust and pride.

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