Notes from Victoria

This blog is mouldy. I apologise for the laziness to update this page, and here’s doing what  a lazy blogger does: updating it with pictures.

My boys and I just got back from Melbourne. In that rush, huff & puff trip  we managed to drive along the Great Ocean Road in search of the 12 Apostle. Lots of lost hours later, coupled with cold weather and treacherous roads, we found the breathtaking sight of the limestone monuments.

Melbourne is a  fast city where the waitresses and busboys wear weary looks all day long. Drivers in Melbourne are known for their ability to do a ‘loop’ before turning, passing the pedestrian way and tram rail. I can’t really explain how, but driving in Melbourne is not for the faint hearted.

Untuk Luqman: Mommy tidak punya harta bergunung untuk mu, anakku. Namun selagi ada hayat dan rezeki, Mommy dan Pappa akan sentiasa membawa Luqman mengembara ke serata dunia. Mudah-mudahan kamu bisa menjadi insan yang cepat matang dan berpengetahuan luas. InsyaAllah.