Letter to Phantom

Dear Frank,

I miss your writing. It has been a year since you ditched the craft in favor of this new woman called ‘photography’.

Fine, you are rather good at the latter too, but who gives a shit? You are not going to make millions out of your sheer obsession with it (in writing you can have a glimmer of hope, I hope so).

You are wasting the talent away, Frank. What irks me most is the fact that this blog decided to die along with yours.

You took away all my passion to write – in English especially. Yeah, its lame but I don’t care.

This blog can die for all I care, but yours must live on. Tea & Scones needs to be resuscitated back to life: its casual tone, the spring breeze you blow every time you write. Winter has been here too long, Frank.

Do write again, I need the spring breeze.


Helene Hanff




One thought on “Letter to Phantom

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you Helene! I miss the cool lines in his postings too, so, c’mon Frank, just do it man!

    Hello stranger, thanks for coming here again. I left this blog to rot for a long time. Yeah, this isn’t about me, this is about pulling Frank Doel back to the writing world.

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